Fine-tuning your work: A Balanced Approach to Working in Tech

Tech industry is big and keeps growing fast.  Many companies and technologies, many roles and opportunities. Choosing a role and working in the tech industry can feel overwhelming. Am I working on something interesting? Am I keeping up with the latest tech? Do I have opportunities to grow through my role? Am I being valued? Am I working long hours? That’s too many questions!  

Don’t worry though, there are many different ways to be satisfied, enjoy your work and Pivotal tries to accommodate its employees to achieve this. It is a diverse, inclusive and safe place to work. It provides many interesting technologies and projects to work on and many roles to choose from such as Product Managers, Engineers, Designers etc.

Sarah and Emmanouil will talk about how a company’s practices and principles are important to achieve a balanced approach to work. They will talk about their experience and day-to-day work, how they learn and have fun. They will talk about Pivotal’s practices such as agile methodology, pair programming, and test-driven development etc.  

Sarah and Emmanouil are engineers for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, currently working on Platform Recovery team. They have experience working on distributed systems and infrastructure automation.