Creating the Real-Time Internet

Matt Beal

Over the past two decades, the Internet has evolved from basic low-bitrate connectivity, to high-throughput, multi-megabit broadband and finally to connected multi-megabit mobility.  However, what has not changed is the primary nature of the services and content delivered – the networks still carry text, pictures, audio and video, just with continuing quality increase year by year.  Driven first by the graphic web and now by video streaming and social media, we anticipate new service types based on real-time interactions – whether for interactive entertainment using VR and AR technologies or industrial control systems where low-latency, controlled jitter performance is mandatory.  Reconfiguring the Internet to accommodate these new service types requires changes in network topology, software control systems, service definition and industry business models.  We are also working with customers to identify opportunities and problem spaces where these capabilities are required.  

Matt Beal currently serves as Director, Technology Strategy and Architecture forVodafone Group. In this role, Matt oversees the global strategy and development oftechnology transformation and modernisation initiatives. Current initiatives rangefrom Cloud and Network Virtualisation to 5G, Big Data, Internet of Things andInformation Technology simplification. Having worked across a variety of start-up, competitive and incumbent carriers, Matt is experienced in large-scale technology transformation and corporate consolidation.

Matt joined Vodafone in 2014 from CenturyLink where he held the role of Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Product Development. During his six years at CenturyLink, Matt led the strategy, development and implementation of CenturyLink’s network virtualisation, fibre access, cloud and IP TV solutions and assisted in the consolidation of Qwest, Embarq and Savvis. Prior to CenturyLink, Matt led significant transformation and network implementation initiatives, including BT’s 21st Century Network programme, with earlier start-up work at WilTel Communications, now a holding of Level3. Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St Louis, where he also pursued Doctoral studies before beginning his telecommunications career.