Embracing the volatility of AWS Spot Fleet

Matthew Mead Briggs

In this talk Matthew Mead-Briggs from Yelp will explain what AWS Spot Instances are and how you can slash your AWS bill by using them. He'll include some lessons learned from using Spot Instances in production at Yelp and share some war stories from when things go wrong! There will be details on how Yelp uses spot instances to build their platform as a service (PaaSTA) and how they help us autoscale our services based on load.

Matthew Mead-Briggs is currently a Software Engineer with Yelp in London. He works on the Distributed Systems team building compute platforms for Engineers at Yelp. Matt is a long suffering infrastructure engineer with a thirst for code. He has worked on many cloud and infrastructure projects in both the public and private sectors in the UK and abroad.