Claudia Schulz

In this talk I will introduce Babylon Health – a digital healthcare company providing video consultation, an AI-powered triage chatbot, and health monitoring services. I will focus on some of the cutting-edge technologies used in Babylon’s AI: To understand a user’s explanation of symptoms, NLP methods are applied to identify the medical concepts mentioned, linking them to a large medical knowledge graph. Having identified medical information in the user query, these are ,fed into a powerful inference engine, which identifies conditions that may match the given medical information by considering the interplay of symptoms and risk factors that cause a disease. I will highlight some of the challenges of these technologies as well as exciting solutions developed within Babylon.

Claudia Schulz was herself a student in the Computing Department at Imperial College, where she Completed an MSc and a PhD degree. She has worked in various areas of Artificial Intelligence, ranging from Symbolic Reasoning, over Natural Language Processing (NLP), to Machine Learning. She is currently a research scientist at Babylon Health, working on Semantic Web technologies for storing and reasoning over medical knowledge, NLP for understanding chatbot input, and Machine Learning on medical data.