Data Engineering at McLaren Applied: Turning Data into Advantage

Like the rest of the modern world, Formula 1 is driven by data. Lots of data. At McLaren Applied we harness the advanced technology and predictive analytics that have been honed over 50 years of competition, in the world’s most technologically demanding sport, to tackle the challenges involved in searching through the noise in the fearless pursuit of advantage.

Taking the expertise gained on the track, we look to apply what we know to a wide range of real-world applications from monitoring fleets of trucks and optimising airports to cutting edge automotive simulations.  In this talk Michiel and Sam will introduce the increasingly impactful field of data engineering and discuss some examples of the challenges in building and scaling data systems at McLaren Applied.

Sam Faulls - Software Engineer, Decision Insight
Michiel Blokzijl - Senior Software Engineer, Condition Insight
Opening and Introduction by Amit Gawali, Head of Software