Tenzo: using AI to help restaurants become less wasteful

Restaurants in the UK produce a million tonnes of food waste each year: a significant chunk of a senseless global food waste crisis which is having a devastating effect on the planet. If the land used to produce our food waste were a country, it would be 58 times the size of the UK, and the third largest national emitter of greenhouse gas.

All this waste is not only costly for the planet: it's bad for business. The UK food service and hospitality sector loses £2.9bn each year in wasted food.

Christian Mouysset saw this problem first-hand as co-founder of Hummus Bros, a chain of levantine quick-service restaurants that he ran in London and built to 6 locations. The waste problem was driven by the difficulty of predicting how much food each restaurant would need to order and prepare.

Leaning on his degree in computer science, he teamed up with an old friend from Cambridge to found Tenzo, a platform that accurately predicts sales for restaurants to help them to reduce their waste and their bottom line. Several years later, Tenzo is being used by hundreds of brands including Nandos and, using machine learning, can improve the accuracy of sales predictions by 50%.

Speaker's Bio:
After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in computer science, Christian founded Hummus Bros, his chain of quick-service restaurants inspired by the ancient cuisine of the Levant, and grew it rapidly to six sites serving over 12,000 meals a week.

Over the past three years, he has combined his computer science expertise and years of food retail experience to co-found and run Tenzo, a cutting edge restaurant analytics company. The Tenzo platform gives large and multi-site restaurants a much-improved ability to get to the insights and recommendations that will drive top-line growth and optimize costs. It also forecasts sales using machine learning, allowing restaurants to drastically reduce food waste.