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At Amadeus, we’re passionate about integrating new technologies and improving how travel providers serve us as travellers. This is an overview of how the IT of an airline has evolved in the last few years and how by leveraging public cloud technologies and our knowledge of the industry, we’re enabling new innovation capabilities on travel providers.


Sergio Rivas

I’m Sergio. It's important that travel providers are able to define their ad-hoc logic independently, using Amadeus Airline Platform. My team are busy working on products that provide them with the tools and data to be able to achieve this.

Chong Keat Gea

I’m Gea. I joined Amadeus as a Product Analyst after graduating from Imperial College in 2019 with a Master’s in Business Analytics. I was keen to explore my dual passions, Travel and Technology. My day-to-day responsibilities include managing requirements and defining specifications for products that enable our customers and partners to take advantage of travel related data, to create new and better experiences for travellers across the world.