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Simulations are vital for our modern society. Developing and exploiting mathematical models as 'digital twins' of systems gives us insight into their behaviour and allows us to optimise and control them in a way that benefits our goals. As demonstrated in motorsport, models and simulations enable decision makers to base their decisions on concrete data and gain a real advantage over the competition.   At McLaren Applied, simulations form the heart of our technology products. In the Virtual Product Development process, we take our simulation capabilities, developed over decades in a highly competitive F1 environment, and seek to apply them in a wide range of applications - from automotive design to patient health monitoring. This talk gives an overview of the simulation work at McLaren Applied, how humans and machines form a closed-loop system, and some of the challenges we face in introducing data-drive design to new industries.

Kenneth graduated from Imperial College and joined McLaren Applied in 2016. As a Simulation Engineer, Kenneth works with the Design Insight team developing and maintaining models and simulations. He is particularly interested in optimisation and electrification, and is also passionate about sharing engineering ideas with a diverse audience.