Fighting the Coronavirus Cybercrime Pandemic

Almost overnight, Coronavirus fundamentally changed everyone's day to day lives, and cybercriminals were right there to try to exploit panic and uncertainty. Over the course of the pandemic, fraudsters set up internet shops purporting to sell masks and vaccines; created phishing sites baiting people with the promise of pandemic-related benefits and services; and set up social media pages selling vaccines and fraudulent proof of vaccination. In this talk, Alex will discuss how Netcraft has anticipated, detected, and performed countermeasures against Coronavirus-related cybercrime.

Speaker: Alex Nielsen

Alex Nielsen is a Computer Scientist at Netcraft, and has worked on detection of and countermeasures against Coronavirus-related cybercrime, JavaScript skimmers, and non-consensual browser-based cryptocurrency mining. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2021 with a MEng in Computing, having worked with Netcraft on his final-year project.