Title: Electronic Trading & Low Latency Infrastructure.

The talks runs through a brief history of electronic trading and in particular the evolution of low latency trading, the latency arms race and how regulation has focused efforts on improving trader technology stacks. We’ll also look at some low latency infrastructure techniques and how to measure and instrument trading systems without impacting performance.

Speaker Bio:
Steve Edwards - Quantitative Technology Director at Qube Research and Technologies

Steve is currently a Low Latency Infrastructure and instrumentation specialist at QRT. Previous to his time at Qube, Steve has worked at various investment banks including a 6 year spell at JP Morgan Chase. Steve has been working in the low latency electronic trading space for around 10 years and has gained a wealth of experience in trading infrastructure. He’s been passionate about technology and understanding how things work from a young age and is a BSC Software Engineering graduate. When he’s not making QRT’s trading systems run as fast as possible, he can be found listening to music and playing bass guitar.