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: How teams make decisions and how data can help.

Abstract: Teams make decisions all the time. From what features to develop next, what security incident to tackle amongst the noise, what technology to choose, what investments to make, to who to target in a drone attack. But how effective are those decisions and could they have been better? I'll share some stories from the world of espionage and warfighting to demonstrate how data can drive better decisions along with some tools and techniques to help you make better decisions yourself.

Shaun Cooney. Strategic Advisor, Technology & Innovation @ Splunk. 

Shaun is a passionate technologist who's spent much of his career in intelligence and defence, along with the telecoms sector. With roles at GCHQ - one of the UK's spy agencies - and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Shaun has experience across Whitehall and various Government departments in cybersecurity, data and product development.

Shaun graduated 13 years ago with an unclear career path. Since then he's tried a number of roles, from infrastructure, software, data, cloud and security engineering. An engineer at heart, Shaun bridges the gap between technologists and executives. With a background in business agility and coaching, Shaun enjoys driving effectiveness and empowering others to do great things.

Shaun joined Splunk to encourage organisations think more strategically about their data, helping to validate and drive business strategies. He believes that only then can organisations make informed and effective technology choices that will meet the underlying organisations' goals. Data drives better decisions.

As a child, Shaun told his parents that he wanted to be a giraffe when he grew up. Standing at 6 foot 8 inches tall (203cm) Shaun is proud to have achieved his childhood dream.