2022: Amadeus move to an open platform


At Amadeus and as part of an innovation initiative with our partner Microsoft, we aim to empower our customers with DIY capabilities so they can create, innovate and solve their business problems in a simple, quick and autonomous manner by using our creation platform leveraging Azure technologies.


24th January 2023


Chaimae HMIZA

Chaimae has worked for Amadeus for the last 10 years. She's currently leading a team of talented engineers responsible for delivering openness solutions that would enable airlines and third parties to build event driven applications leveraging travel data and cloud native services.


Scott is a Software Development Engineer working at Amadeus. Born in Birmingham, he studied Computer Science at the University of York, during which time he completed a year long internship at Amadeus. He returned to the company in 2020 to join Chaimae's team.