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Benefits of the CPP

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CPP Web Portal

The CPP web portal allows students to register their CVs and for CPP members to browse them and advertise opportunities to students.

Our Corporate Partnership Programme (CPP) is designed to facilitate recruitment and other interactions between companies and students (including Industrial Placements, technical talks and prizes).

The CPP provides DoC students with the opportunity to benefit from our enhanced relationship with partner organisations by assisting students with their employment searches. In addition, any funds raised through the CPP will be used primarily for academic sponsorship to benefit students.

Alongside the programme, we run the Applications of Computing in Industry lecture series. This timetabled series of talks are given by our Corporate Partners and is designed to inform our students about how Computer Science is applied to meet business challenges.

If you'd like to join the Corporate Partnership Programme - as a member or benefactor - you can fill out this form and return it via email. Membership will begin from receipt of payment, you can view payment methods here.

Benefits of the corporate partnership programme:

  • CPP Jobs Portal: Members gain access to the CPP Portal to post jobs, events and view students CVs 
  • Weekly Newsletter: We have a departmental newsletter that is sent out to all undergraduate and postgraduate students (including PhD students) every week during term time. 
  • Events: We can book space directly within the department on campus and host events for our partners.
  • Prizes, awards & sponsorship: Prizes are a great way to reward students for their hard work and to build relationships with them early on. Prizes can be offered for distinguished project work
  • Applications of Computing in Industry (ACI) talks: This series of technical presentations are designed to complement our students’ studies by showing how theory is applied in practice and by describing interesting technical challenges in industry and how our partner organisations are addressing them.
  • Competitions: Setting our students a challenge with prizes involved is a great way to engage with them and get them talking about your company.