Group Meeting An Industrial Placement is a compulsory part of both our four year Computing Masters in Engineering (MEng) and our four year Masters in Mathematics & Computer Science (MEng) degree programmes.

Every year over 150 students undertake an Industrial Placement in a wide variety of companies.  Recruiting students on an Industrial Placement is one of the most effective ways of attracting world-class candidates upon graduation.

At the end of their placement students are expected to deliver a presentation about their work and experience.  Prospective Placement Providors are welcome to attend.  See the Industrial Placement Presentation Schedule for the October 2023 schedule‌.  Read the Industrial Placements Brochure.

We always welcome new Placement opportunities.  

More information

We accept opportunities for industrial placements from August until all our students are placed.

To advertise industrial placement or MSc AI internship opportunities, please follow these steps:

Project/Job Description

Since the industrial placement is a compulsory element of our the degree programmes, the Department needs to ensure that the type of work the students will be undertaking is relevant to their studies. Before we can advertise your placement opportunities, we require a project/ job description to review.

Please contact us if you require further details about this. 


Please note that the Department reserves the right not to advertise job opportunities considered not to be educationally advantageous or relevant to our students' professional training. 

For more information about placements for Imperial College students, please visit the college placements page.


2 and 3 October 2024

Industrial placements presentations

  • Industrial placement students who just finished their placements will present their industrial experience, to which managers and employers are invited

From start September – to end February

Advertise a Placement for AY 2024/25

  • Find out how to advertise a placement above

October – March

Recruit for a placement student

  • Receive students' applications
  • Assess students selected for interview/assessment centre
  • Make offer(s)

31 March - 12 September 2025

MEng Computing students on placement

  • Receive a visit from an Academic Tutor to ensure the placement is going well

2 June - 19 September 2025

MEng Mathematics and Computer Science students on placement

  • Receive a visit from an Academic Tutor to ensure the placement is going well

2 and 3 October 2025

Industrial placements presentations

  • Industrial Placement students present their industrial experience, to which managers and employers are invited

Imperial Department of Computing students represent some of the top software engineering talent in the UK - recruiting students on an industrial placement is one of the most effective ways of attracting world-class candidates upon graduation.

Our industrial placement programme offers your organisation:

  • A cost effective way of getting a project done at the highest technical standards
  • An effective way of recruiting our top graduates - recruiting a graduate who has already worked with you reduces your recruitment and training costs and may contribute to higher retention rates
  • A way to exchange new ideas combined with fresh enthusiasm and knowledge of some of the latest technology
  • An opportunity to encourage and invest in the computer scientists of the future.

How and when to advertise

If your company can offer suitable placement opportunities please get in touch as soon as possible. Depending on the stage of the placements programme, you can advertise vacancies or establish a link for the next academic year.

Vacancies are usually advertised from the beginning of the Autumn Term until all students are placed.

Find out more

To find out more about how your company can benefit from hosting industrial placement students, please contact the Industrial Liaison Team


Please note that the Department reserves the right not to advertise placement opportunities considered not to be educationally advantageous.

Thank you for your continuous support in our efforts to train the best Software Engineers!

Please read these pages regularly for updates about the industrial placement programme, upcoming events and procedures.

Assessment of the Industrial Placement

Industrial placement tutor visits

Students and their managers and mentors will receive a visit from an academic tutor during the placement, usually in the period June-July.

These visits aim to ensure that the student is undertaking a professionally rewarding placement and that his/her contribution to the company is worthy of the Department's reputation. This visit usually takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on how the meeting is going. For example, the meeting can be structured in three sections: 15 minutes with the student, 15 minutes with his/her managers and 15 minutes discussing the project and student progress with all those concerned.

Since the Industrial Placement is a compulsory part of the MEng and MSci degrees these visits are usually compulsory. If a visit is not possible due to the location of the placement, a teleconference and regular email contact with the department is accepted. 

Industrial placement presentations

The industrial placement presentation is a component of the final assessment of the Placement. All company representatives, managers and mentors are invited to attend and also to join academic staff and senior administrators for lunch on both days. You should receive an email detailing the schedule for your company. 

Executive Summary

Students are asked to submit a 2 page Executive Summary. 

Confidentiality concerns

In order to assess our students we recommend that the company should resolve any confidentiality concerns regarding the presentation before it begins.

This should not however prevent the student from discussing your organisation, the technologies they used or what they have learned from their work experience. Please remember that the presentations also promote your company to other students and lecturers.

Current MEng 3rd Year students should visit for placement adverts, FAQs, timelines & assessment.

Industrial Placement Speed Interview Event

The search for an Industrial Placement can be time consuming and difficult for students to juggle with their degree.

To ease this, we are running a "Speed Interview" event, where students can undertake the initial screening interview quickly and in bulk.

Date:  Wednesday 23rd October
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Location: Huxley, South Ken

Employers and placement providers can take part by completing this form.

There is no charge to take part, although corporate partners will be prioritised.

Employers will have 5 minutes with a student, to access their suitability for their placement.  They will be provided the chance to indicate which students they would like to move to the next stage of the application. i.e. code challenge, 2nd interview, technical interview.  

A CV book will also be provided.

Who should attend?
 - Recruiters , hiring managers, or technical managers.  Whoever does the initial interview.