Alice Sibold (MEng Computing 2016) is a Software Engineer at G-Research. Expanding on the skills and techniques she gained during her undergraduate studies, Alice designs and implements large-scale monitoring solutions used in trading.

Why did you choose to study at Imperial?

"After completing a technical degree in France, I was looking to deepen my expertise and dive fully into Computing. At the time, Imperial seemed to offer the perfect environment: one with a hands-on culture, and a focus on experimentation and experience. Additionally, I wanted to benefit from the strong ties Imperial cultivates with industry, to help me build a solid professional network. Three years after graduating, I can safely say this was the right bet!"

Tell us about your time at Imperial

"Being a student at Imperial was demanding and challenging; it was incredibly rewarding too. I enjoyed the structure of the course, which emphasized group work and collaboration, and helped me develop and foster excellent interpersonal skills. That also meant collaborating with bright peers, who would continuously challenge opinions and question d ecisions; this allowed me to grow confidence. Finally, I remember the appetite for technology that inhabited everyone professors, students, faculty members which was reflected in fascinating lectures, talks, presentations, and interactions."

Can you tell us what you've done since graduation?

"After a six-month industrial placement, I was offered a permanent position as a Software Engineer at a well-established FinTech firm, where I now design and implement large-scale monitoring solutions for the trading platform."

How has what you learnt at Imperial helped you in your career so far?

"Through many project presentations and technical discussions, I learnt to assert myself with confidence; this is a fundamental skill I apply on a daily basis. Evolving in a trading-critical environment at work requires me to be extremely organised and able to prioritise issues; those are skills I was compelled to develop in order to navigate my time at Imperial successfully. Above all, Imperial taught me that, eventually, grit-not talent-would get me where I want. So, whenever I find myself questioning my ability to tackle a challenge in my career, I use passion and perseverance to serve my best interests."

What would be your advice for current students?

"Make the most of those precious years; take every opportunity to challenge yourself, and stretch your comfort zone; surround yourself with peers who lift you up and will support you in your personal and professional life."