Mihaela Rosca (MEng Computing, 2014) graduated in 2014 and was awarded a prize of excellence for outstanding overall performance. She is currently working at DeepMind as a Research Engineer.

Tell us about your time at Imperial

"I enjoyed the mix of theoretical and practically focused courses at Imperial. This mix allows every student to find their niche and enjoy studying computing. For me, Imperial is where I discovered the perfect mix between mathematics and computing, machine learning, and where I decided to pursue this field of study as a career."

Why did you choose to study at Imperial? 

"Excellent quality of education as well as the focus on the practical aspects of computer science."

Can you tell us what you’ve done since Graduation?

"After graduating, in 2014, I worked as a Software Engineer at Google in Zurich on applying machine learning for transliteration. Since 2016, I am a Research Engineer at DeepMind, working on generative models and reinforcement learning research. I specifically enjoy thinking about methods for learning distributions, from generative adversarial networks to variational autoencoders."

How has what you learnt at Imperial helped you in your career so far?

"Imperial had taught me how to focus on getting a deep understanding of everything I try to build, question assumptions and efficiently collaborate with others, all of which are crucial skills for research."

Do you have any advice for current Imperial students?

"Work hard, but enjoy the ride. Try to find and pursue your passion during your studies."