Rosie graduated in 2002 with a BSc Joint Mathematics and Computer Science and in 2003 with an MSc in Science Media Production. She is currently living in the USA, as a wife, mother, artist, inspirational speaker and writer sharing her story and gift of painting to inspire others to be extraordinary rather than ordinary. 

Why did you chose to study at Imperial?

"Having always aimed for the best throughout my school years, Imperial was unquestionably in my top 3 choices. However, the truth of how Imperial was the perfect place for me was revealed to me the moment I met my professors who were interviewing me. What should have been a daunting experience turned into something that was life changing. They greeted me with such warmth, acceptance and respect as a student who was worthy of their time and dedication. That is what Imperial is, a place where you will thrive because everyone there is ready to gift their time and hearts into your higher education experience. You can hear more about my purposeful journey to Imperial in my interview with OnlyGood TV."

Tell us about your time at Imperial

"My years at Imperial were an extraordinary time of growth for me, not just as a student but also in my field of interest and passions. My relationships with friends, peers and professors will always have a special place in my heart because they made such a significant imprint in supporting me in all aspects of my life at Imperial. Academically, the bar was set high so I always felt challenged, but it meant that there was only room to grow and reach higher. And personally, the transition to young adulthood would not have been as successful without the unconditional love and support I had from everyone at Imperial, especially from the accessibility of all the support I had for my special needs from the academic departments and exceptional disability officer."

Can you tell us what you’ve done since Graduation?

"After graduating, I landed a job at Pinewood Studios for Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet 3D animated TV series, which then led to a job at an Independent Film Production house as Visual Effects Co-odinator/Producer on various award-winning documentary films and TV programmes for National Geographic, Discovery and History Channels. Today, I am living in the USA, as a wife, mother, artist, inspirational speaker and writer sharing my story and gifts to inspire others to be extraordinary rather than ordinary. Through various events including fundraising and charitable causes, I get to paint with my toes with children and people around the world sharing my story of courage, perseverance and faith."

How has what you learnt at Imperial helped you in your career so far?

"Being at Imperial means that you are with students who are clearly the best of the pick so there are really gifted students amongst you. It was such an amazing experience to get to interact, work and build relationships with such a diverse group of students. My years at Imperial were like a journey of discovering my true identity by growing and maturing through the in-depth educational and diverse social experience I had at Imperial, meaning that I got to learn so much from being amongst the best in one of the world’s leading institutions for higher education.  Team-working, problem solving, project management, interpersonal skills and being constantly challenged in my ways of thinking were key skills that developed during my years as a student at Imperial. They were skills that were highly praised by my employers throughout my career. And by being an Imperial graduate, this opened up so many doors for me in whatever career path I chose."

What would be your advice for current students?

"Be ready to dive deep, but don’t be fearful either because you’re definitely not alone! Imperial is an incredibly special place to be and you will grow, thrive, be inspired and succeed wherever you go after your years at Imperial!"