Will Jones (MEng Computing 2009 and PhD in Computing 2013) is Chief Technologist at Habito, a start-up in the financial services space. 

Why did you choose to study at Imperial?

"Like many others, I was initially drawn to Imperial by its reputation and after reading through some of its Distinguished Project reports and attending my application interview, I knew it was the place for me. During my studies I was exposed to a wide variety of courses and material, both theoretical and practical, that I believe is largely unparalleled in other institutions.

Additionally, the amount of care put into teaching is incredibly high for such an esteemed research institution. This is a fact I only really came to appreciate during my PhD, in which I was very fortunate both to be given the opportunity to lecture and subsequently to be recognised for it as part of the college’s graduate teaching award schemes."

Can you tell us what you’ve done since Graduation?

"Since completing an MEng in Computing in 2009 and subsequently a PhD in Computing in 2013, I’ve taken a number of positions in industry, working in a combination of permanent and contract roles before settling on my current position as Chief Technologist at Habito, a start-up in the financial services space."

How has what you learnt at Imperial helped you in your career so far?

"My day-to-day work involves development in a variety of languages, deployment and oversight of production infrastructure, the training and management of the company’s development team and planning and strategy work. While many of the skills involved have been learned on the job, I believe firmly that the education Imperial gave me allowed me to adapt readily and grow in the face of the challenges I’ve faced in my career."

Tell us about your time at Imperial?

"I have a great many fond memories of the friends I made during my studies and through the time I spent running the college’s live music society. That I have such a vivid recollection of much of my seven years at Imperial is, I think, testament to how much it has shaped me, both personally and professionally, and I’m extremely proud to call it my alma mater."