Email to request your Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database.

By the way, did you know that Microsoft SQL server is amazing similar (you even use the same Perl DBI module to connect) to Sybase?

To connect to MS SQL Server database from a DOC Windows 10 workstation you need to navigate to Start > Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (or 2019) > SQL Server Management Studio 17 (or 19) and choose server VM-SQL2019  with Windows Authentication. Once connected to the remote database server, you need to select your group's database or your own. You won't be able to access other databases.

For ASP associated website, the URL location is of the form: (if it exists)

In order to upload files to IIS or create a folder structure, you simply need to go to \\\yourdatabasename (case doesn't matter as it is Windows) and save them there; only you or your group has rights to the directory. From outside the campus, if you establish a secure channel via VPN, you can upload files and connect to SQL server on vm-sql2019 as if you were on campus. You ll need to install SQL Server Management Studio, which is freely downloadable from Microsoft for personal usage, on your private computer.