Here are some important recent changes CSG have made to our services:

September 2020

  • Over the summer, while mostly working from home along with everyone else due to Covid, CSG have been building our latest CSG-supported Operation System release: Ubuntu 20.04 ("Focal Fossa").  We will be reinstalling the entire student lab (on Huxley level 2) with Ubuntu 20.04 over the remaining weeks before the start of term.
  • We will also be installing up to 36 additional "newish" lab PCs in rom 224, the old machine room, as an additional teaching resource - now that power and networking has been installed in that room.
  • We are working closely with the Teaching Fellows/Year Coordinators and with the Teaching staff to assist them in running the Autumn 2020 term teaching in a mostly remote, socially distanced way.  More information will be put up on the CSG "New Users" web pages shortly.

October 2019

  • CSG have moved from Huxley 221 to Huxley 305/306 (entrance by Lecture Theatre 308), we are now sharing space with DoC Teaching Fellows, so please make sure you direct queries to CSG staff only.
  • DoC servers were physically relocated to the Virtus DataCentre 'London 3' located in Slough, UK, allowing our machine room (room 221, now renamed as room 224) to be redeveloped into additional teaching space.
  • We have migrated the Departmental gitlab server ( from version 9.5.5 to  GitLab Community Edition version 12.3.5.
  • has now been superseded by the college Celcat. has been retired, please visit Timetables instead.
  • The "student database server" has been upgraded from PostgreSQL version 9.6 to 10.2.
  • The lab layout has been revised with approximately 50 computers in Huxley 206 and 219 replaced.  The Graphics workstations have been renamed to gpu1-29, also incorporating the HP workstations that were formerly members of the old GPU cluster, and are back in 210. In addition, room 225 will become a small (~30 seat) lab for the new MSc in AI.
  • We have released termly Ubuntu Linux package updates to CSG-supported Ubuntu 18.04.  If your machine is not running Ubuntu 18.04, and you'd like it upgraded (or replaced), please let us know - email telling us the name of the machine, where it is, which OS it's running at present, and whether or not there's any important non-backed up data on the local hard disk, and we'll arrange Linux upgrades or machine replacements.
  • The GPU cluster is now running Slurm 19.0.5 instead of PBS Pro 19 GPU Cluster guide.
  • Cloud V2 is now online replacing our previous CloudStack setup with a new oVirt based system.
  • /vol/bitbucket was migrated to a new server, and trebled in size.