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CSG provides and maintains network-accessible file storage for Department of Computing users, primarily based in the Huxley Data Centre. We strongly recommend that our users use this network file storage for storing their work in preference to local disks, since CSG also provides a backup service for the majority of network volumes, and do not backup local disks.


All users in DoC have a home directory in which your personal files are stored. At present, new users (staff and students) receive a quota of 8GBytes home directory space; this can be expanded upon request for staff, and with "good academic reason" for students (e.g. final year projects and similar). Please note that any email you store NO LONGER counts towards your quota, as most users' mailboxes are hosted outside of the department.

CSG currently maintains four home directory servers, all running Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa), providing a total of 18TBytes of disk space. All user home directories are regularly backed up, and are available on both supported operating systems: Linux and Windows and also on the unsupported Mac OS X.


CSG also maintains a number of network volumes for research groups and other administrative functions in the Department of Computing. Research groups requiring small amounts of disk space (a few hundred GB, say) may request shared hosting on a CSG server; larger amounts of disk space (especially those in the TB range) are usually on hardware purchased by the research group and maintained by CSG. Shared volumes are made available by default on Linux and Mac OS X, and can be easily made available on Windows upon request.


See also: Our Backup Services web page.