google "I've gotten to know Imperial computing students through our on campus outreach and recruiting events. We hire these students for placements, internships and full-time roles as graduates. We've had great success recruiting students from Imperial for our engineering roles across Google offices globally. We've found that these students have a strong foundation of core computing skills and a creative approach to problem solving, which makes them a great fit.

We actively engage with Imperial students and graduates in order to let them know about opportunities at Google." - Jessica Safir, University Programs Specialist, Google.


Ocado"Ocado Technology has forged a strong relationship with Imperial computing students for many years now. Imperial undergraduates, graduates and post graduates always feature heavily in our recruitment plans for internships, graduates and experienced hires.  The quality demonstrated represents an essential mix of smarts and technical know-how, resulting in fast-learning students able to tackle the variety of technologies we employ and the highly complex problems we need solved." - Steve Rodgers  International Recruitment Manager - Ocado Technology


netcraft "Netcraft has found Imperial graduates impressive in their ability to confidently contribute code to our systems, with a solid understanding of both theoretical and practical computer science.

The quality which we find most valuable in our hires from Imperial is their balance between strong theoretical knowledge and the ability to put that into practice when working on large software engineering projects. This allows Imperial graduates and interns to acclimatise rapidly to our workflow; as an example, they have encountered distributed version control and a varied set of programming paradigms early in the course, which means they have the knowledge required to independently solve a problem and integrate it into our production codebase from their first year alone. By graduation, the students are usually very comfortable with the best engineering practices and require minimal assistance.

[We actively seek Imperial Computing Graduates and Undergraduates for jobs, internships and placements]" - Feroz Salam, Internet Services Developer, Netcraft.


"At Entrepreneur First, we recruit many Imperial CS graduates as we find they are not only technically able, but are independent and entrepreneurial thinkers. Some of the largest startups produced through Entrepreneur First have been founded by Imperial CS alumni, many of whom continued their work from Imperial into building their own startup" -  Alice Bentinck, Entrepreneur First.



flextrade"[Imperial students] are very, very strong. They an order of magnitude more likely to pass our interviews. We’ve been very happy with the industrial placement student’s we’ve had. We have made offers to everyone who has completed the program. Two have accepted and have been working with us full time for 9 months. They’ve settled into their teams well and are doing excellent work.

I think general intelligence is a big factor and because of that they are able to pick things up very quickly. They’re also able to solve problems quickly and independently. I’ve also been very impressed with their technical knowledge learnt from their courses, in particular it seems that knowledge of testing, agile and OO-design has a stronger emphasis than say 10 years ago. These practical skills come in very handy in our teams.

We’ve taken on industrial placements each year for 3 years now and plan to continue doing that." - Geoff Smith, Head of Development, Flextrade UK