Aaron Hau 1. Why this program? Why Imperial?

This program provides a good coverage of the foundations of computer science such as Computer Architecture, Operating Systems and Object-Oriented Design and Program Analysis. Students are also provided options on the electives to pursue their interests and take relevant courses that help them in their future career path.

2. What did you do before the program?

I was a project engineer where most of my work was focused on project management and I did not have the opportunity to do much coding and technically challenging work.

3. What coding experience did you have when you started?

With an engineering bachelor’s background, I have some experience in writing small programs for data analysis and performing mathematical operations. 

4. What did you like best about the program?

I like how the program has a good balance of providing foundational knowledge and flexibility for students to take up courses that interests them and prepares them for various career choices.

5. What did you find most challenging about the program?

I think the challenge for the program is that you are expected to put in additional effort to understand the concepts and apply them in the various coursework and projects.

6. What did you learn or do that you are most proud of?

The highlight of the course for me would be the completion of the Software Engineering Project. My group built a mobile application that assists the user to solve tessellation puzzle problems via providing hints and complete solutions. 

7. What was your ideal next step as the program was completing and what are you doing now? 

The ideal next step would be to use my engineering background for interdisciplinary research by bringing a different perspective into computer science problems. I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree where my research focus in on building explainable attack detection for cyber-physical systems. 

8. Anything else you would like to tell people who are considering this program?

Although this program does not cover everything there is to know in computer science, it does provide you a good appreciation of CS and foundation knowledge to pick up more advanced knowledge and skills.