Wolfram WiesemannSupervised by: Daniel Kuhn and Berç Rustem

Wolfram was a PhD student, post-doctoral student and Junior Research Fellow in the Computational Optimisation Group from 2006-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, respectively.

What Wolfram is doing now: I am a Professor of Analytics and Operations at Imperial College Business School, where I also serve as the Academic Director of the on-campus MSc Business Analytics programme. In my group, we strive to explore how quantitative methods can assist organizations in taking prudent decisions based on uncertain or incomplete information (e.g., about future customer demands, raw material prices or exchange rates).Even under the idealized assumptions that are typically made in the mathematical models of real-life decision problems, optimal decisions are typically difficult to obtain if uncertainty is involved. Our work therefore concentrates on the design of tractable approximation schemes that can be justified through rigorous error boundsOur research is interdisciplinary and combines methodological work with applications. Many of our projects are motivated by real-life problems faced in operations management, energy systems and financial engineering, which are frequently inspired by and carried out in collaboration with industrial partners. 

My experience at DoC: I have very fond memories of my time at the Computing department. You work together with world-class academics in a highly collaborate environment. Different research groups present and discuss their latest findings at brown bag lunch seminars, there are lots of events that bring the PhD students together, and our discussions frequently went late into the night at one of the pubs close by. I have learnt so much about databases, robotics, theoretical computer science, control theory, visualisation and many other topics during my time at the department, which greatly helped me understand the wider developments in the field. To me, the department has always felt much more like a big family than a work place; it is a fantastic environment to prosper and feel at home at. People work incredibly hard, but they love what they do. It is infectious!

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