Alice What made you choose Imperial?

The emphasis on practice offered by the Imperial Computing Department seemed to match my interests the best: not only did I want to learn about code, I wanted to learn to code! I was not disappointed; since I started my degree, there has not been a week in my life without programming (excepted exam time maybe?). I was also very excited about all the strong ties the Department has with the industry!

What has your experience been as an Undergraduate, personally and academically?

Being an undergraduate at Imperial has given me a lot of insight into what goes on at all levels of academia, not just undergrad. There is a strong emphasis on experience here, and that transpires particularly in the MEng undergraduate degrees Imperial offers. Imperial has been both an academic and a personal challenge, but mostly for the better. Being in a world-­class university means that you are surrounded by the best, which can be very intimidating at first, but it quickly becomes one of the best parts about being here.

Alice Sibold

Degree: MEng Computing

Year: 3

Placement: G-research, London (Spring 2015)

What are you enjoying the most?  

Programming, playing around with Raspberry Pis and robots, working in groups most of the time. I also enjoy getting to work with very clever peers, who raise the bar and stimulate your intellect constantly. Last but not least, being in Central London is a nice perk!  
What are you finding more challenging?

Because the bar is so high at Imperial, the difficulty of some of the exams and coursework can be intimidating. It takes a lot of work to be confident in your abilities and to remain on top of everything. At the end, though, the reward makes all the hard work worth it!  
What do you do in your spare time?   

In my spare time, I am an avid runner and wannabe yogi! I am also a musician and love photography. It is certainly possible, and important, to make time for extracurricular activities and hobbies! 

Was it easy to find an internship/placement?

During my 2nd year, I was obsessed with finding an internship that would help me gain skills for my 3rd-year industrial placement. I made it so much of a big deal that I ended up failing all my interviews! This year, with no internship experience and looking for advice on how to find my 6-month placement, I contacted the computing Department Industrial Liaison Officer, Victoria Nicholl. She was intangible support: she reviewed my CV and put me in contact with senior students who gave me great tips to prepare for my interviews. I ended up interviewing with 4 companies and receiving 4 offers!  
How is your experience with the Imperial Computing Department contributing to you getting the opportunities that you want?  

Thanks to excellent courses, such as Software Engineering Design and Software Engineering Algorithms, I was equipped with the best theoretical and practical skills to be a successful interview candidate. Having given several project presentations, I learnt how to express and develop my ideas in front of a technically able audience. Finally, as mentioned above, the Industrial Liaison Officer helped me get a dream placement!  

Do you have any advice for prospective students?  

If you are keen and curious, like experimenting, and do not fear failing and trying again; if you want to study in an environment with plenty of links to the best in the industry, and a first-­choice career path, Imperial is absolutely worth it!