Yangfan ZhangI chose Imperial College because it offered a first-class education in Computer Science, with an emphasis on practical skills and teamwork. It has definitely delivered on that. The course trained me to pick up new skills quickly. This ability to learn fast is essential in the field of Computer Science.

There are ample opportunities to do group work, which engenders collaboration and mutual learning. My coursemates are very talented and well informed. Iron sharpeneth iron. They introduced me to new technologies and ideas and motivated me to improve. We hang out a lot in labs to study, build things, or just meet to catch up. The labs are the hub of our student life.

The culture here is very free. I feel that I can be myself, and am genuinely accepted by my coursemates. There is healthy competition and my coursemates are always willing to offer help. I treasure my friendships and fond memories here.

Moreover, the teaching staff are dedicated and caring. My personal tutor is genuinely interested in my learning. She encouraged me to be an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Year 3, and supported me to keep trying until I received my placement offer with The Hut Group. Also, my project supervisor is very patient and knowledgeable. He helps to remove many roadblocks I encounter during the week and makes our meetings fun and enjoyable.

Yangfan Zhang

Degree: MEng Computing

Year: 4

Placement: Facebook, Sillicon Valley, USA

I have become more confident in this field since I started college. Through taking up well-structured modules, doing practical coursework with friends, taking a 6-month industrial placement, and working on a challenging yet fulfilling final year project, I feel I am a more qualified software engineer now. My experience here has helped me obtain a summer internship offer with Facebook in Silicon Valley. I am definitely looking forward to it.

My advice for prospective students is to get to know your coursemates and build lasting friendships. Also, try to apply for summer internships in Year 1 for the interview experience and practice.