yulia What made you choose Imperial?

When I was putting universities on my UCAS application, I was basing my decisions mainly on academic reputation. Out of five universities I have applied to, I felt that the Department of Computing at Imperial had the most welcoming atmosphere at taster sessions and interview days. They really put effort into demonstrating what it would be like to be a Computing student at Imperial, which made want to study here. Having been at university for 3 years I realise that there is a lot more to consider when picking a university, such as a city, union, networking opportunities etc. From personal experience, I think, Imperial was great for me at ticking all of these boxes.

What has your experience been as an Undergraduate, personally and academically?

Something I really like about Computing course at Imperial is that it is very practical (in addition to having a strong theoretical underpinning), you always have a programming project or exercise to do throughout your degree. You are constantly learning the best practices to follow from your lecturers and peers, which make you very well prepared for working in the software industry.

From a personal development perspective, I think imperial has a lot to offer for you to become a more broad person. Our union has the largest number of clubs and societies in the country, which means you can always find new things to try or continue on your hobbies from school. This really gives you an opportunity to develop skills beyond academic, whether you want to become an expert in finance, build robots or try a sport you never tried before.  

Yulia Bulgakova

Degree: MEng Computing

Year: 3

Placement: The Hut Group

What are you enjoying the most?  

I think the best part of the university experience is the people. You are constantly surrounded by people who share your passions, interests and want to work with you on different projects, whether it is academic, startup or volunteering related. You also get to meet interesting people from the industry, lecturers doing fascinating research and other staff members that are passionate in enhancing your student experience.   

What are you finding more challenging?

The most challenging part I would say is stress. It is no secret that studying at top universities can be a very stressful experience and until you actually come to the university, you do not know how capable you are in coping with it. Fortunately, the Department of Computing has some great staff members that are open to listen and provide you with support when you need it. 

What do you do in your spare time?   

Over the last 3 years as my hobbies I have been a member of the university cheerleading team, organised over events for Computing students, run our departmental society, represented students at Union Council and taught primary school kids to program.

Was it easy to find an internship? How is your experience with the Imperial Computing Department contributing to you getting the opportunities that you want?  

I would say getting an internship is not hard as there are many companies willing to employ students from our course, so if you are not picky about the company, prepare for the interviews you are pretty much guaranteed to find an internship. Our department’s Corporate Partnership Program constantly keeps us connected with different opportunities, which means you get to hear about tens of internship openings each week, they also invite interviewers from top companies to give you a mock interview and feedback on your CV, which is super helpful. Also, when it comes to finding an internship London is a great city to study in as there are always events hosted by world-famous companies or small startups at your doorstep. There are plenty of tech meetups and other events to suit your interest that give you a great opportunity to expand skills and network.  

Do you have any advice for prospective students?  

When you apply to university, pick a subject that you passionate about and want to study, don’t listen to people telling you it is too unconventional, not in demand or doesn’t pay well. This way you will have a great time no matter which university you end up in.