Academic staff

Professor Nick BuenfeldProfessor Nick Buenfeld

Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 5955

Nick Buenfeld is Professor of Concrete Structures and from 2011-21 was Head of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Imperial College. His research is directed at investigating deterioration mechanisms, developing and using test methods for assessing durability, monitoring deterioration, improving electrochemical repair methods and developing service life prediction models. Reinforcement corrosion and measuring and modelling transport have been common themes. He has authored/co-authored around 240 refereed publications and he has applied latest research findings as a consultant on major projects around the world.

Dr. Hong S. Wong

Dr. Hong S. Wong

Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 5956

Hong Wong is Reader in Structures and Materials. His research concerns understanding how microstructure controls engineering properties, degradation and ageing of structures. He specialises in microstructural characterisation of cement-based materials, especially using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis and digital image analysis. He has expertise in mass transport characterisation, durability assessment and microstructure-based modelling. He has produced around 90 publications on various aspects of his research.


Past and present researchers

  • Dr Emeka Agbasi
  • Dr Yousef Ahmed
  • Dr James Aldred
  • Dr Muthena Alisa
  • Dr Sukina Alzyoud
  • Prof Ki Yong Ann
  • Dr Chanakya Arya
  • Mr Roy Baxter
  • Dr Said El Belbol
  • Ms Xi Chen
  • Dr Ron Davies
  • Dr Saeed Dehghanpoor
  • Dr Mohammad Denno
  • Dr Gareth Glass
  • Dr Nadir Hassanein
  • Dr Alaa Hassanein
  • Dr Colin Hills
  • Dr Waleed Khushefati
  • Dr Dennis Lee
  • Mr Jia Xiang Liew
  • Dr Iain McLoughlin
  • Mr Andrew Morris
  • Dr Bharti Reddy
  • Mr. Young Han Shin
  • Dr Tarek Shurafa-Daoudi
  • Prof Julia Stegemann
  • Dr John Stewart
  • Dr Rob Sweeney
  • Dr Stella Syropoulou
  • Ms Eleanor Tipping
  • Dr Fatmawati Wahid
  • Dr Zhigen Wu
  • Dr Marcus Yio
  • Dr J-Z Zhang 
  • Mr Kai Zhang