11-15 March 2019

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  • Duration: 5 days
  • Fees:
    - per module £2000
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**Pre-requisites: To undertake this module, it is recommended that applicants take the ‘Control Schemes & Strategies’ module which is also offered via the CPD route**

Module leaders

Jon Love, Myke King, Prof Richard Burkett

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Course aims

To provide a comprehensive, in-depth, understanding of the principal approaches to the control of distillation columns and their principles of operation, and to understand the dynamics of columns and the interactions involved. 

Learning objectives

  • To develop an understanding of the principles of the design of distillation columns. 
  • To appreciate the objectives and operational constraints on the control of distillation columns. 
  • To develop a feel for the dynamics of a distillation column, the interactions involved and the structure of dynamic models of such. 
  • To become familiar with a range of conventional methods of controlling distillation columns. 
  • To introduce modern techniques of column control and provide a basis for applying them in an industrial context. 

Course structure

This module is of one week's full-time intensive study consisting of a variety of lectures, informal tutorials, problem solving, case studies and structured computer-based laboratory work. The time allocation for practical work provides for an exercise on column design based on the McCabe Thiel method and simulation exercises on the dynamic response and control of columns using the Matlab and Simulink packages.  Pre-developed models of column dynamics will be provided as appropriate.