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19 - 20 September 2024

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  • Duration: 1.5 days
  • Fees:

      Early bird fee: £1200 (until 5 August) 

      Standard fee: £1500 (after 5 August)

  • Venue: Imperial College London: 170 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5HF 

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‘A Systems Approach to Infrastructure’, is being offered through the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation (CSEI), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College as an Executive Education Programme to provide an opportunity and resource for infrastructure owners/sponsors in the public sector and engineering and programme management consultants/ contractors in the private sector to come together, develop a common understanding and competence in using an integrated, systems approach for effective management and delivery of infrastructure systems, learn from the experience and lessons learned on major programmes around the world, and work with academics and researchers to understand and set the direction of future research in this area.

The key topics of this programme are:

  • Infrastructure policy
  • Case Studies: Achieving smart, sustainable, resilient or NZE planning & design.
  • Lessons Learned on mega Programmes
  • Complexity of infrastructure systems: interface and interdependencies between water, transport, energy etc
  • Systems Thinking for Programme Recovery
  • Systems Approach to Programme Management
  • Infrastructure financing
  • Role of emerging technologies and contribution of start-ups
  • Current state of research and new directions

More information

The course aims to bring all sides engaged in infrastructure development, whether in the private or public sectors or in academia, develop a better understanding of the needs and issues of the other. The participants will hear from industry and public sector leaders about lessons learned on major programmes; they will learn about the practical issues in implementing infrastructure and look at how existing programme management methodology can be adapted to being an integrates, systems approach to deliver a new vision of smart, sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure while also addressing challenges of funding and financing. The identification of implementations challenges will lead to identifying potential areas of related research.


  • Planners and engineers will learn from the experience of industry leaders about best practices and innovative methods to address the impacts of interconnected and interdependent systems and take advantage of system synergies to develop smart, sustainable, resilient and integrated solutions.
  • Programme Managers will learn the importance of addressing the long-term impacts of infrastructure and how to bring that awareness to their clients.
  • Public sector infrastructure managers and Delivery Partners will learn about the importance of a systems approach to programme delivery, about climate finance and available methods of financing infrastructure.
  • Researchers will be able understand the issue of practitioners to set the direction of future research to focus attention on quantitative methods and modelling that validates the data and models of interconnectivity of infrastructure systems, develop methods to achieve Net Zero emissions across all systems and develop an understanding of the systems approach to managing the implementation of infrastructure systems.
  • Academic and educationists who are responsible for improving public awareness about the impact of our infrastructure systems on our natural environment can do so with a better understanding of the practical and research issues related to the mitigation of these adverse impacts.
  • All parties, consulting engineers, programme managers, delivery partners and their public sector counterparts will have the opportunity for dialog designed to help them understand the needs and expectations of the other. This will lead to better quality RFPs, choice of the appropriate programme management approach and create better structures for P3 financing and implementation partnerships.




Attendees will benefit from meeting public and private sector engineers and programme managers with hands on experience of major infrastructure. The Programme provides the perfect global platform and a unique opportunity to come together to learn about cutting-edge research topics and state-of-the-art methodologies and innovations in implementing sustainable infrastructure systems. As a world leading and pioneering university, Imperial promises a learning curve of unsurpassed quality with top experts from around the world.



This programme is intended for mid to senior level professionals engaged in infrastructure policy, planning and implementation in the consulting and construction industry, government agencies and non-governmental infrastructure implementing and financing organizations, academia, higher education, and enthusiasts interested in improving their knowledge about creating a more sustainable world.