General Information

Day 1

Provisional Timetable
DAY 1  
8.30- 9.00 Registration  
9.00- 9.10 Introduction  Bijan Aalami
9.10 -10.00 Post-Tensioning Systems and Applications in Building Construction  Bijan Aalami
10.00-10.35 Economics of Post-Tensioned Construction and Quantities  Florian Aalami
10.35-10.50 Break  
10.50-11.35 Basic concepts of post-tensioning design  Bijan Aalami
11.35-12.35 Application of AC1 and EC2 in design of post-tensioned buildings  Bijan Aalami
12.35-13.35 Lunch  
13.35-14.50 10 Step Design of Post-Tensioned Floor Systems   Bijan Aalami
14.50-13.50 Expeditious Design of Post-Tensioned Floors and Beams Using Strip Method  Florian Aalami
15.50-16.05 Break  
16.05-16.50 Practical Steps for Vibration Evaluation and Design of RC and Post-tensioned Floors  Florian Aalami
16.50-17.00 Questions and Discussions  
Summary of the table's contents

Day 2

DAY 2  
 9.00 -9.20  Shortening of Post-Tensioned Floors and Support Restraints  Bijan Aalami
 9.20 -10.20  Practical measures to improve performance of post-Tensioned members  Bijan Aalami
 10.20-10.50  Application of FEM in Design of Post-Tensioned Buildings  Florian Aalami
 10.50-11.05  Break  
 11.05-11.35  Application of FEM in Design of Post-Tensioned Buildings   Florian Aalami
 11.35-12.35  Design of a High Profile Multistory Post-Tensioned Building - Case Study  Bijan Aalami
 12.35-13.35  Lunch  
 13.35-14.35  Design of Post-Tensioned Floors for Seismic and Wind Forces  Bijan Aalami
 14.35-15.20  Fundamentals of Post-Tensioning Design; Beyond the Basics  Bijan Aalami 
 15.20-15.35  Break  
 15.35-16.40 Construction Detailing; Modeling and Layout of Post-Tensioned Tendons;  Detailing of Non-stressed Reinforcement  Bijan Aalami
 16.40-17.00  Questions and Discussion; Summary and Evaluation  
Summary of the table's contents

Day 3 (Optional)

  • Hands-on training in design of post-tensioned buildings.
  • Working on your own laptop, using the latest 3D FEM version of ADAPT program
  • Learn tips and tricks for the efficient modeling and design of post-tensioned slabs
  • Starting with the architect’s drawing, participants will be guided through the design process to conclude with the construction and fabrication drawings
  • Each participant will receive a trial version of ADAPT software

Workshop Benefits:

  • Obtain a hands-on experience and exposure to efficient design of post-tensionined buildings
  • Become closeley familiar with the latest design tools and methods
  • Receive detailed information, literature and design examples of common post-tensioned buildings