Provisional schedule

Day 1
Registration and Welcome  
09.15‑10.00 Differential Diagnosis of Rhinitis  
10.00‑11.00 Demonstration of Examination of Nose/Endoscopy  
11.00‑11.30 Break  
11.3012.00 Radiology of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses  
12.00‑12.45 Allergic eye and eyelid disease  
12.45‑13.30 Lunch break*  
13.30‑14.15 Mechanisms of Rhinitis and allergen Immunotherapy   
14.15‑15.00 Rhinitis in Children  
15.00‑15.15 Break  
15.15‑16.00 Medical Management of Rhinitis and Use of Guidelines  
16.00‑17.00 Rhinology cases - case based discussion including bring your own cases  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 2
Epidemiology of Rhinitis  
09.45‑10.15 Relationship Between Asthma and Rhinitis  
10.15‑10.45 Immunotherapy for Seasonal and perennial rhinitis  
10.45‑11.15 Break  
11.1512.00 Chronic Rhinosinusitis with/without nasal polyps – an overview   
12.00‑13.00 Interactive cases in rhinitis and rhinosinusitis  
13.00‑13.45 Lunch break*  
13.45‑14.45 Venom anaphylaxis and immunotherapy  
14.45‑15.30 Practical IT workshop  
15.30‑15.45 Break  
15.45‑16.00 Assignment briefing   
16.00‑17.00 Immunotherapy Cases, including bring your own cases   
  Please note that lunch is not provided.