Day 1
Registration with coffee   
09.00‑09.30 Introduction to the course Prof Raanan Gillon
09.30‑10.30 Introduction to Philosophical medical ethics Prof Raanan Gillon
10.30‑11.00 Tea/Coffee  
11.00‑12.30 Theories of ethics Concerned with rights and duties (“Deontological” Theories) Dr Piers Benn
12.30‑13.30 Lunch  
13.30‑15.00 Theories of ethics concerned with maximising welfare (“Utilitarian” Theories) Dr Alya Khan
15.00‑15.30 Tea/Coffee  
15.30‑17.00 Theories of ethics concerned with virtue ethics Prof Alastair Campbell
17.00 Close  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 2
09.15‑10.45 A framework for ethical analysis Prof Raanan Gillon
10.45‑11.15 Tea/Coffee  
11.15‑12.45 Life, awareness, human beings and persons Prof John Harris
12.45‑13.45 Lunch  
13.45‑15.15 Double effect: acts & omissions: killing & letting die? Prof David Jones
15.15‑15.45 Tea/Coffee  
15.45‑17.15 The relation of law and ethics: the case of euthanasia Prof Sir Johnathan Montgomery
17.15 Course Reception  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 3
09.15‑10.45 Paternalism and Respect for Autonomy in Health Care Prof Bobbie Farsides
10.45‑11.15 Tea/Coffee  
11.15‑12.45 Thruth-telling in medicine Prof Roger Higgs
12.45‑13.45 Lunch  

Moral argument in the context of a particular case
Course members are asked to bring their own case and be prepared to argue agains their own positions. This facilitates the understanding of different types of moral argument and of views opposed to their own. 

Small workshops followed by plenary discussion
(15.45-16.15 Tea/Coffee)

Prof Kenneth Boyed
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 4
09.15‑10.45 Children: Ethical and Legal Issues Dr Paquita de Zulueta
10.45‑11.15 Tea/Coffee  
11.15‑12.45 Practical aspects of clinical ethics Dr Wing May Kong
12.45‑13.45 Lunch  
13.45‑15.15 Ethics, Law and a Doctor's Duty of Care Dr Daniel Sokol 
15.15‑15.45 Tea/Coffee  
15.45‑17.15 Open session
Facilitated groups in which course members will pursue issues that they have chosen earlier in the week
Prof Raanan Gillon
18.30‑22.00 Optional extra - sparkling wine recpetion followed by course dinner  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 5
09.00‑09.15 Chair's Introduction: Why a day on justice and fairness? Prof Raanan Gillon
09.15‑09.45 Theories of justice and fairness and their relevance to health care Dr James Wilson
09.45‑10.15 Justice and fairness in the context of putting one’s patient first Prof Ann Gallagher
10.15‑10.45 Questions and discussion  
10.45‑11.15 Tea/Coffee break  
11.15‑11.45 The injustice and unfairness of avoidable health inequalities Prof Sir Michael Marmot
11.45‑12.15 QALYs , NICE , fairness and justice- an economist’s perspective Prof Richard Cookson
12.15‑12.45 Questions and discussion  
12.45‑13.45 Lunch  
13.45‑14.15 Legal justice and fairness in medical law and medical ethics Prof Emily Jackson
14.15‑14.45 Rights-based justice and medical ethics Dr Julian Sheather
14.45‑15.15 Questions and discussion  
15.15‑15.45 Tea/Coffee break  
15.45‑16.15 What role for justice and fairness in medical ethics? Prof Albert Weale
16.15‑16.45 Questions and discussion  
16.45‑17.00 Chairman’s concluding remarks  
17.00 Close  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers