health management

September 2023 - March 2024

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Duration: 20 hours


  • Module 1 £1095
  • Module 2 £1095
  • Module 3 £1095
  • Module 4 £1095
  • Module 5 £1095
  • Module 6 £1095

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The international health sector has evolved into a significantly more competitive environment. The skills required to be successful are changing rapidly and now include the management of resources, budget and staff. These management skills are becoming increasingly important across all disciplines of the UK health sector.

Imperial College Business School is offering the following six components from its MSc International Health Management programme as Continuing Professional Development courses for the healthcare profession.

The courses benefit from the expertise of the faculty in the Healthcare Management group, who are recognised around the world for their research. Throughout the courses the latest theory and techniques are supported by real life case studies and external speakers working in the healthcare industry, ensuring that course content remains practical and rooted in current best practice. 

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The courses aim to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager in the healthcare sector, equipping participants with an understanding of the external context in which healthcare organisations operate, how they are managed, and analytical techniques that can be applied to decision-making processes within the health sector.

These courses are aimed at junior clinicians, nurses and professionals allied to Medicine (e.g. physiotherapists, radiographers and pharmacists). Applicants must possess a professional or academic degree from an accredited institution and be actively engaged in healthcare. 

No prior knowledge of management or business is required. You will attend lectures alongside the MSc International Health Management students, typically a third of which are qualified clinicians from around the world.

A variety of teaching methods will be used to address different learning styles and course needs. You can expect a mixture of lectures, seminars, case studies, problem-based learning, and group discussions.

The courses also involve the use of The Hub, the virtual learning environment supported throughout Imperial College Business School. The result is a rich learning experience where you can benefit from courses that are relevant, practical and up-to-date.

"A highly informative and engaging subject, taught with passion and charisma. It really made me want to take up further study in the field of health economics."

"Provided a structural insight into how to successfully plan and implement IT programs for the health sector. "