eHealth foundations

04 July 2016 – 07 August 2016

Course details

  • Duration: 5 weeks part time online (Approximately 2-4 hours per week of online learning; the structure is modular to allow for catch-up and progressive course building for flexibility) and 2 days of face-to-face lectures in London.
  • Location: Online; London, UK
  • Fees:
    - NHS/Academic/Public Sector £650
    - Corporate £950
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This course will enable participants to understand emerging trends and issues in eHealth and how to manage technology initiatives that produce innovations to impact digital management of healthcare information.

Online Session Commences: 04 July 2016
Face to face session held in London: 18 & 19 July 2016
Online Session Concludes: 07 August 2016

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Learning outcomes

  1. Recognize key concepts in eHealth
  2. Describe and evaluate processes in the management and execution of eHealth Interventions
  3. Produce an eHealth project (electronic health records, mHealth, consumer wearables: Apple ResearchKit, Google Fit)

Course structure

The programme will be delivered to you via blended learning; this allows you to experience the majority of course material and lectures online, combined with face-to-face classroom work. This is a 5-week part time course that is delivered both Online and via 2 classroom-based lecture days in London. The format is designed to be flexible to allow you to pursue the course content alongside your work or in your free time via our moderated online learning management system. The face-to-face sessions will provide an opportunity to meet your class cohort in person and also consolidate learning via practical case-driven exercises at Imperial College.

We have designed the course this way to allow you the time to reflect and absorb teaching, as opposed to intense multi-day continuing professional development which can be both intense and time consuming. Our combination of blended learning brings you the best of an on-line and classroom based experience.

Who should attend?

This course is open to all participants with an interest in the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within healthcare. The course content is designed to enable ICT professionals with the foundational skills necessary to implement and manage projects in eHealth.

Imperial’s Global eHealth Unit and EIT ICT Labs Professional School identified a niche for providing professionals interested in technology projects with an approachable framework to begin to engage with these subjects. These two courses are designed to provide a foundation to get past the buzzword hype, provide principles to inform what is happening with the state of the art, and then give practical, case-study driven examples to provide a means to understand key concepts. Our courses are delivered in two parts: the first being a focus on principles, the second being a focus on industry application. To deliver this, we have researchers introducing key concepts, theories and frameworks, whilst we have industry collaborators making these concepts come to life with real world examples and cases. This combination will have you leaving our courses with ideas and perspectives that you can immediately implement at your organisation or on your next project.

If you are looking to launch a new company in eHealth and data science in healthcare, are a technology manager with oversight on teams delivering these initiatives or have general interest in moving into this space, then these courses are for you.



Learning Modules

* Please note the below modules are accurate at time of publication and will be expanded and revised throughout the summer.

Introduction to eHealth & emerging technologies
This module will examine the current landscape of eHealth technologies and discuss recent consumer trends in wearables and digital data management. This will provide a background for course participants to understand the current state of eHealth in practice, with perspective on advances in mHealth (mobile health), information technology healthcare, digital health and telemedicine.


eHealth Methodology
This module will examine methods in the design, development and deployment of eHealth technologies. Particular focus will be placed on key software engineering principles necessary in the design of eHealth solutions development.


Organisational dynamics in eHealth implementations
This module will use organisational behaviour principles to examine the issues faced when introducing eHealth solutions in organisations and within a clinical context. Key emphasis will be placed on the changes eHealth solutions introduce in view of privacy, management and implementation within a clinical, commercial and personal context.


Consolidation and eHealth Project Delivery
The final module will consolidate learning from the previous modules and provide a framework to allow participants to be able to plan, manage and lead an eHealth project.



What our students say

What our students say