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  • Duration: 12.5 hours, spread over 6 days
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Presented by Dr Ali Yetisen, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Successful commercialization of university research is essential to create useful biomedical products that improve the lives of patients. The ability to design research projects that can be readily transferable to industry can increase the commercial success of university research to create innovative products.

Medical device technologies are a tightly regulated field that necessitates organised research project development that can be translated to the industrial scale. Equipping academics with the principles of commercialisation and entrepreneurial knowledge can increase both the research impact and successful spinout companies.

This masterclass will provide participants with guidelines in research design principles for commercialisation, intellectual property, technology transfer, financing university start-ups, medical device regulations, entrepreneurship and start-ups in bioengineering.

Delivered via Microsoft Teams over two days with 1.5 hours live class per day to include interactive exercises, quizzes, videos, group discussion and guest speakers.

Upon completion of this masterclass, participants will receive a digital certificate from Imperial College London.

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Course content

Topics covered include:

Designing Research for Commercialisation
To familiarize with the concepts of creating meaningful and impactful research projects that can create the high impact that will provide an optimal return on research investment.

Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing
To outline intellectual property systems in the European Union and the US and the acquisition of patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Medical Device Regulations
To explore the regulatory pathways in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the National Medical Products Administration of China

Financing a Biotechnology Business
To explore the pathways that enable the acquisition of funding to support a startup (grants, angel investors and venture capitalists)

Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology Startups
To identify and analyse the commercialisation strategies toward creating university spinout companies. To discuss starting a biotechnology company, including assembling a commercialisation team, reasons for startup failures, and robust product development.

Design Projects
To develop a business plan: an international medical device company in wearables, drug delivery, robotics or artificial intelligence. 

Benefits of attending?

On completion of this masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the strategies in the design and commercialisation of university research to achieve optimal impact
  • Analyse the strategies to acquire intellectual property such as patents and copyrights in the United States and the European Union
  • Understand the regulatory frameworks to market a medical device
  • Explore the funding pathways to support a business
  • Apply the knowledge and experience gained to develop a business plan and launch a robust start-up company


Who should attend?

This masterclass is designed for UG or PG students studying in engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, biotechnology, business, computing or related disciplines with an interest in research commercialisation and launching a start-up.