Jean Rintoul

Project Title: Non-invasive focused stimulation of neural activity
Supervisor: Dr Nir Grossman
Location: Level 5, Burlington Danes Building, Hammersmith Campus, Du Cane Road, W12 0NN

About me

I am a PhD student in the Grossman lab, within the Department of Brain Sciences at Imperial College London. My goal is to help pioneer new routes in non-invasive neural imaging and stimulation utilizing cutting edge physics, innovating better tools to understand the brain and nervous system. Better tools will give us a better understanding of the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease, enabling earlier and more effective interventions.


  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced), University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honors), University of Sydney

Research Interests

  • Medical Physics
  • Neuromodulation
  • Bioelectronics
  • Medical Imaging

Selected Publications

Rintoul, J.L., Neufeld, E., Butler, C. et al. Remote focused encoding and decoding of electric fields through acoustoelectric heterodyning. Commun Phys 6, 79 (2023).

Jonveaux, L., Schloh, C., Meng, W., Arija, J. and Rintoul, J., 2022. Review of Current Simple Ultrasound Hardware Considerations, Designs, and Processing Opportunities. Journal of Open Hardware, 6(1), p.3.DOI:

Jaoquin A Anguera, Jacqueline Boccanfuso, Jean L Rintoul et al, 2013,  Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults,  Nature 501 (7465), 97-101 DOI:


  • Detection of Emotional States: United States US2015/0245777
  • Integrated Biometric sensing and Display Device WO2012/092221

Contact Details

LinkedIn: jeanrintoul