Project Title: Bioinformatics problems for single-cell genomics
Supervisor: Dr. Nathan Skene, Professor Paul Matthews
Location: Sir Michael Uren Hub, White City Campus

About me

I am a PhD student at the UK Dementia Research Institute at Imperial College, London, investigating what single-cell RNA sequencing can tell us about the rate of progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Before starting my PhD, I worked for a year at the University of Oxford’s NDM, as a Scientific Software Developer. My focus here was on neuroimaging and using FMRIB’s Software Library to carry out various types of image processing, including image normalisation and creating a QC platform to test the suitability of images for further analyses. Working in a medical setting at Oxford motivated me to search for a PhD in a similar field, and thus I started exploring the possibilities within Bioinformatics, which then lead to me looking into the programme at Imperial. Prior to my work at Oxford, I completed my integrated master’s (MSci) degree in Mathematics at Imperial College, London. My focus here was on Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning. 


MSci in Mathematics (2016-2020) 

Research Interests

Applications of Statistics in single-cell genomics problems 

Contact details

LinkedIn: salman-fawad-464bb231