On this page:
  • What are the main indicators of specific learning difficulties?
  • Outcomes of an SpLD screening
  • What are the main indicators of autism?
  • Outcomes of an autism screening
You can book an appointment with the Disability Advisory Service to have an online screening (video call) for specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) and autism. At this appointment, we will discuss your difficulties with you. If appropriate, you will be asked to answer questions which will help to identify indicators of a specific learning difficulty or autism.  

What are the main indicators of specific learning difficulties?

Problems with acquiring:

  • Reading accuracy/speed
  • Spelling accuracy, writing speed and fluency of expression
  • Auditory short term/working memory
  • Time awareness
  • Directional sense
  • Personal organisation
  • Speed of processing (facts, thoughts and ideas)
  • Attention and concentration
  • Motor skills
  • Common strengths

Common strengths:

  • Often highly creative
  • Persistent
  • See patterns, connections and similarities that others don’t see
  • Holistic: they see the big picture, don’t get lost in detail, get to the important aspects
  • Understanding of abstract ideas
  • An inclination to think outside the box

What are the main indicators of autism?

Problems may exist in some or all of the following key areas:

  • Spoken communication: making conversation and understanding what other people say and mean
  • Non-verbal communication: body language, eye contact, facial expressions
  • Understanding the complexities of social relationships
  • Coping with change, particularly if sudden or unexpected
  • Heightened sensitivity in one or more senses, for example in relation to certain noises or textures

Common strengths:

  • An eye for detail
  • Preference for clarity and transparency
  • Plain speaking
  • Embracing routine and planning
  • Following rules and regulations

Outcomes of an autism screening