Group picture (June 2023) 

Group Leader

  • Dr Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype

    Personal details

    Dr Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype Group Leader


    Emerging Structural Technologies and Design

    Imperial College London



    Skempton Building

    South Kensington Campus

Group Members

Ashraf Nayel

Ashraf Nayel
Benha (Egypt), Cairo (Egypt) Project: Advanced protective solutions for historic buildings

Atif Rasheed

Atif Rasheed
BUET (Pakistan),NUST (Pakistan) Project: Low-cost seismic isolation

Carlos Melchor Placencia

Carlos Melchor Placencia
UNI (Peru),PUC-Rio (Brazil) Project: Advanced modelling of long-term effects in wood

Eknara Junda

Eknara Junda
King Mongkut (Thailand) Project: Seismic response of timber structures through data science methods

Faridah Zahra

Faridah Zahra
ITB (Indonesia), Aberdeen (UK) Project: Advanced seismic response control of steel structures

Opeyemi Ogunkuade

Opeyemi Ogunkuade
Are Babalola (Nigeria), AUST (Kenya) Project: Generative design for low carbon footprint structures

Shirley Shen

Shirley Shen
Bristol (UK),Imperial (UK) Project: Physics-informed AI predictions of nonlinear responses

Yang (Jerzy) Zhao

Yang (Jerzy) Zhao
UST (China), Tongji(China) Project: Structural design of extra-terrestrial structures

Yixuan Zhang

Yixuan Zhang
Southwest (China), Leeds (UK), Imperial (UK) Project: Optimisation of rocking structures

Yu Cheng

Yu Cheng
HK Poly (HK), Imperial (UK) Project: Nonlinear instabilities in metamaterials for vibration control

Visiting Students

  • Rajib Biswas, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), Research project: Seismic performance evaluation of deteriorating RC structures
  • Daniele Reale, Politecnico di Bari (Italy), Research project: Seismic response of steel buildings

MSc Students

  • Nicolas Metz, Electro-mechanical analogies of rocking structures
  • Joonas Alliksaar, Experimental accuracy of low-cost image-based strain measurements in wood
  • Heinrich Hummel, Structural assessment through damping identificaiton
  • Christos Alamir, Wind induced vibrations of tall timber buildings

MEng Students

  • Abdallah Almanzalawy, Seismic damage identification and localization: shake table tests and real earthquake
  • In-Lord Enogh Lee, Topology optimization for reduced embodied carbon design
  • Elizabeth Yang, Opensource digitally-manufactured zero carbon buidlings


Alumni - PhD graduates

  • Leena Kibriya (2020), Damage avoidance self-centring steel rocking frames
  • Rodrigo Thiers Moggia (2020), Seismic control of rocking structures using inereters ★ Unwin Prize for the Best PhD Thesis of the Department
  • Zhan Lyu (PhD 2020), Design and structural response of under-deck cable-stayed timber-concrete composite (TCC) bridges
  • Adeyanju Teslim-Balogun (PhD 2020),  Structural performance of steel buildings under travelling fires and blast
  • Cagatay Demirci (PhD 2019), Seismic response of multi-storey cross laminated timber buildings
  • Luis Fernando Sirumbal Zapata (PhD 2019), Advanced damage modelling for the seismic assessment of timber structures
  • Vasileios Karagiannis (PhD 2017), Behaviour of hybrid timber-steel beam-to-column connections

Alumni - MSc

  • Pei Zhang (MSc 2019), Low-cost open-source dynamic testing
  • Sebastian Aedo Maluje (MSc 2019), Seismic response of timber structures ★ Dissertation won the Basu Prize in Civil Engineering
  • Junjia Lyu (MSc 2019), Structural monitoring through complex vibration modes
  • Qianxi Zhang (MSc 2019), Seismic response of structures with first and second kind similarities
  • Catalina Meza (MSc 2019), Digitally-manufactured wooden beams for optimized dynamic performance
  • Emily Peper (MSc 2018), Progressive collapse analysis of cross laminated timber structures ★ Dissertation won First Prize for MSc research from the IStructE
  • Jingren Wu (MSc 2018), Seismic response of tall and slender steel structures
  • Manousos Psaltakis (MSc 2017), Assessment of acceleration demands through low-order building models
  • Hend Tubaila (MSc 2017), Equivalent viscous damping for performance-based design of rocking CLT walls
  • Xiao Pan (MSc 2017), External resonators for seismic control of monumental structures
  • Yiwei Hu (MSc, 2017), Influence of alternative degradation modelling strategies on the seismic response of RC columns
  • Mohammed Abdelhadi (MSc 2016), Avanced Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) stability systems, in collaboration with Ramboll UK
  • Manon Dangelser (MSc 2016), Impact of building type on seismic losses considering environmental costs
  • Yara Achcouty (MSc 2016), Modelling fatigue induced collapse of RC bridge piers
  • Bryan Carroll (MSc 2015), Performance of Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) subjected to fires
  • Konstantinos Bougatsas (MSc 2015), Probabilistic seismic assessment of alternative building systems.
  • Shijia Yang (MSc 2015), Interaction between ground motion characteristics and structural model in nonlinear dynamic analysis.
  • Ishan Abeisekara (MSc 2014), Dynamic response of tall timber buildings. ★ First Prize for MSc research from the IStructE
  • Katerina Zographou (MSc 2014), Dimensional response analysis of regular and irregular RC frames


Alumni - MEng


  • Jad Maqdah, Artificial Intelligence applied to the design of extraterrestrial structures ★ Best Structures Project  ★ Basu Prize in Civil Engineering 
  • Thomas McLean, Optimal design of long span structures in low gravity conditions ★ Best Structures Project 
  • Reema Ismail, Advanced modelling of the mechano-sorptive behaviour of wood 
  • Marco Lok Fung Cheng (MEng 2017),  Motion control through supplemental rotational inertia


Past Visiting Researchers


  • Umut Almac, Seismic response of masonry structures timber-lacings. (Assist. Prof. Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
  • Daia Zwicky, Wooden structures. (Head of the Institute for Building and Environmental Technologies at the Fribourg University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)
  • Jasmine Stragapede, Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Research project: Structural implementation of inerters in steel structures
  • Carlos Menéndez Vicente, RWTH Aachen (Germany), Research project: Structural implementation of motion-control devices

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