Hisham Abunassar

Hisham AbunassarUpon graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2015, Hisham kick-started his career in Palestine as an HVAC engineer. His familiarity with the Palestinian energy sector matured as he joined the ranks of engineers at the Palestinian Energy Authority (PEA). Hisham noticed that renewable energy will be one of the future’s most demanding issues in the region and that creating policies and taking tangible action to transition towards more sustainable solutions will be inevitable. Hisham joined the MSc to gain a wider perspective on the energy system due to the multidisciplinary nature of the program which sheds light on energy’s relation to technology, policy, and global economies.

Project title: A techno-economic analysis of domestic thermal energy storage systems from a suppliers’ standpoint and their value for the UK electricity market

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage

Bolaji Akinola-Alli

Bolaji Akinola-AlliPrior to studying Sustainable Energy Futures, Bolaji graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick. With a passion for human development, he joined this cohort to identify opportunities and challenges in implementing renewable energy solutions in developing countries. In future, Bolaji hopes to work in an international organisation to provide affordable and clean energy for all, in an attempt deliver economic sustainability and improve the quality of life of people in Africa, in accordance with the sustainable development goals.

Project title: Enhancing the impact of Solar Mini-grid Systems for productive use activities in India

Research theme: Solar Energy

Jaffer Al Bahrani

Jaffer Al BahraniWhile studying chemical engineering at the University of Manchester, Jaffer interned at a global oil & gas company. It is there that he developed a strong interest in the energy sector but realised that the future doesn't lie within those two commodities. For this reason, he decided to join the interdisciplinary MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College to broaden his understanding of the sector and learn more about the energy transition to be able to get ahead of the curve in the Middle Eastern and Omani sustainable energy industries. The hot and humid climates in his native country sparked his interest in his project on optimising district cooling systems.

Project title: The Potential for District Cooling in Urban Areas in Brazil

Research theme: Energy Systems

Glen Baker

Glen BakerAfter graduating with a degree in Mechanical engineering, Glen decided to pursue his lifelong goal of helping to tackle climate change. He joined the SEF course to develop and specialise his technical skills while learning about the broader policy and economic landscape of the energy sector. Glen now hopes he has the skillset to make a real difference in what he considers to be the most exciting and important sector.

Project title: Jumping into hot water: Will water utilities deliver hot water as a service in the future?

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Jorge Balanya Echecopar

Jorge Balanya EchecoparI did my undergraduate degree in energy engineering in Madrid. During those years my interest in the energy sector and the arising challenges grew considerably. Afterwards, I started working for an IT company providing software solutions for utilities worldwide. It was a great experience, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the energy sector, especially from the point of view of policy and economics. I applied to the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures to pursue this, with the idea of getting an international insight into the challenges and solutions in the sector.

Project title: Can public fast-charging station be profitable as EV adoption ramps up?

Research theme: Low carbon cities and transport

Javier Baranda Alonso

Javier Baranda AlonsoI have always seen engineering as a means to make a positive impact on people's living conditions by facilitating better access to technology. After enrolling in the BSc in Aerospace Engineering in Madrid, I wanted to explore other areas through which I could materialise that impact, which eventually took me to do my BSc Dissertation with a Peruvian NGO installing wind turbines for rural electrification purposes. That life-changing experience showed me the potential of energy access to empower the least favoured people around the world, and made the decision that I should study renewable energy at Imperial College London. Now, I am ready to continue working for a brighter world.

Project title: Potential of sustainable mini-grids for institutional energy use in refugee camps in Rwanda

Research theme: Energy for Developing Regions

Joana Barragan

Joana BarraganBorn and raised in Luxembourg, half-Spanish and half-Portuguese. I studied a BEng in Sustainable Energy Engineering at QMUL (2015) and graduated from UCL with an MSc in Engineering with Finance (2016). After working in an engineering and consultancy firm, I developed an interest towards the fusion of smart technologies with energy sector assets. Looking to return to the energy field, I decided to undertake the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College (2019) in order to steer my career back into the industry. Little did I know the great treasurable friendships and connections I would make during my time here in addition to the acquired world-class knowledge.

Project title: Sell Store or Mine: Intelligent Decision-Making for Renewable Energy Generation

Research theme: Solar energy

Paulina Becerra

Paulina BecerraDuring five years of working at General Electric, she led global projects related to integrating gas turbines with alternative energy products (e.g. batteries and PVs) and to repowering gas turbine packages to improve the plants' efficiency and environmental impact. Thanks to her experience working for the power sector she now understands both its improvement potential and limitations. Facing the challenges of achieving a sustainable energy transition motivated her to complement her knowledge on the subject. Sponsored by Chevening-SENER, she is doing the MSc in Sustainable Energy which will enable her to contribute to redirecting the strategy towards a better future.

Project title: Assessing the potential of Smart Building Management Systems to improve buildings' performance

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Marcel Buen

Marcel BuenMarcel holds a BSc. in Physics (2017) and a BSc. in Chemistry (2017) both awarded by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. After graduation, he enrolled in the MRes. in Experimental Sciences (2018) program at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he worked on the synthesis of novel catalysts for the energy industry. In order to complement his technical background and gain a broader overview of the energy field, he enrolled in the MSc. Sustainable Energy Futures program at Imperial College London last autumn, where he has focused on identifying innovation trends in the sector.

Project title: Innovation in the energy field: value proposition and early investment trends identified by new ventures

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Patience P Bukirwa

Patience P BukirwaI am passionate about the development of solutions to global challenges. This has led me to explore diverse roles including development of a short film for a Human Rights Watch competition, research on waste use in off-grid energy systems for diverse economic and social activities like sewerage treatment and agricultural produce processing, development of mechanical systems for a university electric car program, working on multiple private sector and public projects as a management consultant and advising a charity that supports young social entrepreneurs as a trustee. I love motorsport and exploring new places and would like to attend all races of a MotoGP season over a period of one year.

Project title: Acai Processing through Solar Micro-grids in Remote Communities in the Amazonian Region of Brazil

Research theme: Solar Energy

Thomas Chadwick

Thomas ChadwickRaised in Zimbabwe, it is safe to say I had a unique upbringing. One that instilled resilience, adaptability and positivity in me. Albeit challenging, my heart remains in Africa. Thus, I plan to be in Zimbabwe in my later years to transform the energy sector. The SEF course has been a perfect incubator for my ambitions and catapulted me into a network of top energy enthusiasts. SEF has also provided multiple opportunities for personal development and lifelong friends. I believe this SEF cohort constitutes energy leaders and in the words of Margret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Project title: Investigating financing options for domestic renewable energy solutions in Refugee Camps in Rwanda

Research theme: Energy for Developing Regions

Hao Chen

Hao ChenAfter completing his BSc in Petroleum Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, Hao deeply understood the limitations of the oil & gas industry on energy sustainability. With China's significant interest towards sustainability, he is committed to be part of the energy transition to a low carbon energy mix. Therefore, he decided to pursue the MSc in Sustainable Energy Future at Imperial College London to gain more technical and economic knowledge of low carbon energy.

Project title: Evaluating the technical and economic potential of utilising bioenergy in paper and pulp mill

Research theme: Low carbon and Mitigation technologies

Jiaxin Chen

Jiaxin ChenBefore postgraduate study, Jiaxin Chen received her bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Liverpool. Through her undergraduate study, she developed an interest in sustainable energy and hoped to broaden her knowledge in the energy sector. With the aim of putting the electrical engineering knowledge she obtained during undergraduate study into a sustainable and energy-related context, she chose MSc Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London in 2018. She hopes to make a contribution towards realising a more sustainable society in the future.

Project title: Identifying Energy Impacts and Socio-technical Barriers of the Use of Smart Home Technologies

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Kristian Christodoulides

Kristian ChristodoulidesI am an English / Cypriot born and raised in Cyprus. After finishing my A-levels in 2013 I took a gap year to narrow down what degree I wanted to pursue. In 2014, I moved to the UK to undertake a BEng programme in mechanical engineering which I also combined with a year long work placement at Bosch. After my bachelors I gained a key interest in the energy sector. As a result, I joined the Sustainable Energy Futures MSc programme to gain an overview on global energy issues, sustainable energy technologies, and their interactions with economics, the environment and policy. My aim is to gain experience in energy market analytics before pursuing a career in energy consultancy.

Project title: Assessing the Benefits of Decarbonising Desalination in Cyprus

Research theme: Low carbon and Mitigation technologies

Maurizio Raimondo Cremi

Maurizio Raimondo CremiMaurizio developed an interest for the sustainable energy industry during his undergraduate chemical engineering degree at the University of Manchester. He was first exposed to the sector during a year-long placement at an integrated used cooking oil-based biodiesel and biogas production facility and subsequently took part in a group design project of a bio-based succinic acid production facility. These experiences made him realise the significant potential of sustainable energy in the current dynamic transition to low-carbon economies and encouraged him to enrol in the SEF Masters. He now seeks to contribute to the movement working as an energy consultant in prominent urban-based projects.

Project title: Distributed energy-based retrofit design and operation of intermittently loaded urban energy system

Research theme: Energy Systems

Antoine Crepel

Antoine CrepelAs I spent most of my life in the Paris region, entering the engineering school CentraleSupélec was an opportunity for me to start exploring the world. During my two years at CS, I developed my passion for the energy sector and had the chance to take part in projects in Cambodia and Ecuador. Last year, I worked for 5 months in Rwanda to develop clean and affordable cooking solutions. This powerful experience helped me further realise the positive impact clean energy can have on people's lives. During this SEF year, I discovered the paramount role clean hydrogen has to play in the transition towards cleaner and more performant energy systems, and decided to explore it further in my thesis.

Project title: Economic potential and development optimisation of electrolysis for interseasonal energy storage

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage

Yann Delclos

Yann DelclosMy interest in current global energy issues was undoubtedly inspired through having both a father and grandfather who worked in the Oil & Gas Industry. Stimulated by the challenges raised by the energy transition, I entered the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures to become a game-changer in the sustainability industry. At this stage, although it is difficult to commit to a specific career plan, it is clear to me that, when I do, it will be centred around three key drivers: Energy, Technology, Innovation.

Project title: A Reinforcement Learning framework for battery energy trading under real-time pricing

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage

Josephine Demay

Josephine DemayAfter two years of intensive training in mathematics, physics and chemistry in French 'Classes Preparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles', I studied engineering in CentraleSupélec. During these 4 years I not only gained technical skills and knowledge about various subjects, but I also became aware of climate change and the loss of biodiversity. As a result, I decided to attend the SEF course to tackle these issues with a focus on the energy sector. I believe that this academic background will support me in my ambition of working for a brighter future.

Project title: Assessing the benefits and challenges associated with biochar production systems for cooking, Malawi

Research theme: Energy for Developing Regions

Thomas Deronzier

Thomas DeronzierThomas is a French student genuinely interested in the energy field, including the transport sector and all the challenges that revolve around it. Before this MSc, he did all his studies in France starting with 2 years in preparatory classes from 2014 to 2016 and then 2 years in an engineering school, CentraleSupélec. In his spare time, Thomas likes running, swimming, and also enjoys travelling in the UK and to different parts of the world during holidays.

Project title: Energy System Transition : The Implementation of Energy as a Service Solution

Research theme: Energy Systems

Ronan Dubois

Ronan DuboisWhile studying for a degree in astrophysics, I realised I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the global effort to slow down climate change and save our amazing planet from irreparable damage. Two years ago, I consulted for a Paris-based oil services company, advising them on potential business opportunities in low-carbon energy technologies. This internship only increased my interest in sustainable energies and left me eager to learn more about energy economics and policy, ultimately leading me to join the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures. The degree has taught me valuable knowledge and skills that have prepared me for a career in energy consulting.

Project title: Machine-learning based analysis of supermarket refrigeration units

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Freya Espir

Freya EspirFive years at Imperial College London has taught me more than how to be a savvy student and source free coffee on campus. My undergraduate degree in MSci Geophysics focused on oil extraction, touched on renewable energy generation, and discussed the impact GHG's were having on our delicate climate. I finished the degree with a desire to make a significant impact on the global journey to net zero. With this ambition, I applied to the SEF Masters. Life isn't all work and coffee though, I enjoy escaping London by bike or foot, cooking vegan carrot cake to get the reaction 'really, no eggs!?', and signing up to questionable challenges (cycling around the world sounds fun...)

Project title: An Approach to Re-segment Energy Consumers Using Psychographics and Granular Smart Meter Data

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Ana Gea Espinos

Ana Gea EspinosDuring my undergraduate studies I began to gain an interest in sustainability, at this point more focused on the aerospace industry. I worked on a project to model and assess the techno-economic feasibility of electric aircraft and focused my undergraduate thesis on aircraft emissions modelling. As a continuation, I applied to the Sustainable Energy Futures MSc in order to broaden and deepen my understanding of the technical, economic and social aspects of the energy sector. With the knowledge and skill set I have gained, my ambition is to be a part of the sustainable energy transition focusing on rural electrification to increase energy access worldwide.

Project title: Technological investigation of off-grid solar electricity systems in rural Senegal

Research theme: Energy for Developing Regions

Ali Shazan Gulrez

Ali Shazan GulrezAfter completing my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in India, I worked in a multinational company, Larsen and Toubro, for a year before co-founding my own company, Twecto Solutions, which primarily dealt with designing renewable energy monitoring products. My areas of interest include distributed renewable energy, energy storage solutions and electric mobility. I believe we are embarking on a new era of energy revolution which is here to stay. I want to be a part of this revolution and contribute in promoting energy connectivity and facilitating renewable energy access. "Alternative energy is a future idea, whose time is past, renewable energy is a future idea whose time has come."

Project title: Application of solar irradiance forecasting in residential solar PV coupled with energy storage

Research theme: Solar Energy

Maximilian Hettler

Maximilian HettlerWithin my undergraduate studies, I focused my research on topics surrounding electric mobility, lithium-ion battery technology and the approach of the circular economy. Motivated by the pursuit of a more sustainable energy system, I enrolled in the Sustainable Energy Futures program at Imperial. Participating in the program and working alongside such talented, driven and enthusiastic teammates has been an honour and privilege to me and I am proud to be a part of this amazing network of changemakers. Starting in October, I will begin the next chapter of my journey as an associate at the Boston Consulting Group.

Project title: Techno-economic and environmental analysis of electric vans for online grocery shopping deliveries

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Jean-Karim Intissar

Jean-Karim IntissarAfter two years of intensive preparation for the entrance exams in the French "Grandes Ecoles", I integrated a general engineering degree at CentraleSupélec to improve my technical skills in a multidisciplinary environment. Driven by my interest for sustainable development, I decided to join the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures to further my knowledge of renewable energy and to learn more about energy economics and policy. Later, I would like to tackle environmental issues by working in the public sector through the prism of policy making, to contribute to the improvement of the general interest.

Project title: The impact of economic sanctions on the environment

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

John Long

John LongHaving grown up with the Lake District on my doorstep, it was no surprise that my interest in the outdoors would also feed into my studies as an Engineer. My interest in sustainable energy really came into focus during my BEng thesis, which produced a feasibility study for tidal lagoon power, additionally I worked in the US nuclear industry the following summer. I decided that to help the sustainable energy transition, a holistic understanding of the problem was needed, and so the broad nature of this MSc, touching on economics and policy to complement my technical background, really appealed. Outside of studies I enjoy climbing running and cycling.

Project title: Net Imbalance Forecasting with Recurrent Neural Networks

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage

Paul Lorang

Paul LorangAfter high school, I did two intensive years of maths and physics in the French classes préparatoires in Paris. After that, I started my bachelor in CentraleSupélec engineering school, in the Supélec curriculum. There, I improved my knowledge nnical skills in electrical engineering, computer sciences and mathematics. I got very interested by the energy and sustainability field, so I decided to attend the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures to get a wide insight into the sector, in particular its economic and policy aspects.

Project title: The integration of electric vehicles on Reunion Island in the context of energy independence

Research theme: Energy systems

Georgios Maouris

Georgios MaourisDuring my undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University, I developed a strong interest in the energy field and understood the key role that renewable technologies have to play in order to achieve a sustainable future. After attaining my undergraduate degree, I decided to pursue an MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures as it provided an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge on the technical, economic, policy and social aspects of the energy sector.

Project title: Refrigeration Integrated Heating and Cooling Modelling and Optimisation

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Paul-Adrien Marie

Paul-Adrien MarieAfter two years of intensive training in mathematics, physics and chemistry in the French "Classes Preparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles", Paul-Adrien studied General Engineering in CentraleSupélec. Wanting to build a career at the intersection of Business and Engineering, he also pursued a second joint-degree in Applied Economics at Paris Dauphine University. Driven by his interest in the renewable energy sector and his willingness to face global challenges, Paul-Adrien chose to join MSc Sustainable Energy Futures to take advantage of the diversity of the subjects studied in this course and better understand how climate change can be tackled.

Project title: A techno-economic assessment of sustainable cooling technologies to reduce food loss in Kenya

Research theme: Energy for Developing Regions

Pragadeesh Meenakumar

Pragadeesh MeenakumarIndian born-and-bred, my passion for sustainable development was kindled at home after observing first-hand the problems related to security of food, energy, and water. During the course of my undergraduate degree, I undertook a semester abroad program at MIT where I took classes on sustainable energy technologies and policy, as well as design for the developing world at the MIT D-Lab, which led me to pursue this field further. Since joining SEF, that passion has only been further reinforced, and my current interests lie in the techno-socio-economic implications of distributed energy resources and electric mobility.

Project title: Optimal business case for provision of grid services through EVs with V2G capabilities

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Constantinos Middleton

Constantinos MiddletonConstantinos developed a strong curiosity in sustainability challenges while studying Chemical Engineering at UCL, in which he was exposed to a variety of projects ranging from the development of a water treatment system in Gujarat, India, to the design of a pilot scale biofuel facility at UCL East. Upon completion of his degree, he consolidated his interest by volunteering at an NGO in Peru that build and install wind turbines for remote communities. Wishing to gain a better understanding of the role played by economics and policy in the global energy transition, he pursued the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College.

Project title: A Critical Assessment of the UK Smart Meter Rollout and its Future Prospects

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Carlos Rene Millan Medina

Carlos Rene Millan MedinaAfter finishing my engineering degree in Mexico, I joined a utility firm as an analyst, which helped me realise the complex operations involved in the management of energy generation assets and the challenges ahead of us to transition to a low carbon energy system. After working for two years and broadening my scope on the entanglement of the energy sector I decided to pursue the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures to further expand my knowledge from a holistic perspective. I have the firm conviction that change can be made and the goal is to facilitate the transition.

Project title: Development of an optimal economic dispatch tool for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage

Olatunde Okeowo

Olatunde OkeowoWhile working as an economic research analyst in Nigeria, Ola noticed the impact that Nigeria's poor electricity supply had on economic growth and the livelihood of Nigerians. Driven by a desire to help increase energy access in Africa without contributing to climate change, he decided to join the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures to develop the skills and knowledge he would need to be a part of the solution to Africa's energy problems.

Project title: A Techno-economic and socio-political assessment of solar electricity exports from the Sahara Desert

Research theme: Solar Energy

Nana Bonsu Owusu-Nyantekyi

Nana Bonsu Owusu-NyantekyiNana has always sought a multi-faceted education that has allowed him to identify issues in the world and to gain access to the opportunities to help address them. Energy is deeply nestled in areas of business, education, infrastructure, politics and immigration and hence enrolling in the Sustainable Energy Futures MSc was a natural step given the holistic nature of the masters. Nana's previous degree in biology led to a keen interest in biofuels and circular economies where processes can be streamlined and improved using nature as a blueprint.

Project title: An analysis of the valorisation of waste plastics to produce fuels and petrochemicals

Research theme: Low carbon and Mitigation technologies

Yibo Pang

Yibo PangYibo’s interest in sustainable energy arose out of his undergraduate thesis, where he designed a system to cultivate high altitude wind energy. The research experience in LBNL and consultancy internships in China electricity market reform motivated him to delve further into the energy sector. Joining the SEF course, Yibo’s ambition is to participate in the energy revolution happening worldwide, to remedy severe renewable energy compatibility issues, and to propose disruptive solutions for renewable power integration, particularly in the local energy market.

Project title: Added Value of Leveraging Demand Response Asset for Large Consumers by Dynamically Participating in Various Electricity Markets and Ancillary Services

Research theme: Energy Systems

Konstantinos Pavlidis

Konstantinos PavlidisDriven by my interest in engineering and construction, I decided to undertake a Diploma degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, one of Greece's most prestigious institutions. It did not take me long to discover my passion for development of sustainable energy and raise awareness about the urgent need for an energy transition. Motivated by this, in my diploma dissertation I investigated the hydrodynamic interaction effects and the performance of a hybrid offshore wind-wave farm. After completing my studies, I enrolled in the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures to expand on technical, economic and social aspects of the energy sector.

Project title: Offshore Wind Energy: Holistic optimisation of an HVDC transformer platform

Research theme: Low carbon and Mitigation technologies

Lenos Peratitis

Lenos PeratitisLenos was born in Cyprus and raised by a family who supported his interests from early on, alongside ambitious friends who challenged his every idea growing up. After high school, he served 2 years in the Cypriot National Guard as a Sergeant, before pursuing his passion for technology by completing an MEng in EEE at UCL. He later decided to join SEF to gain well-rounded knowledge of energy, partly being inspired by the rapid development of low-carbon technologies and partly to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit. He enjoys playing guitar, tennis, chess and designing electronics, and in the future, he aspires to be one of the leaders pushing for Cyprus' energy independence.

Project title: UK regional electricity pricing for industry: modelling the uncertainty of future network costs

Research theme: Energy Systems

Fabio Massimo Perotti

Fabio Massimo PerottiRaised in Switzerland and being half Brazilian and half Italian, I have a multicultural background. After completing my Physics Degree at King's College London, I decided to follow the path of sustainability in order to pursue my goal of making this world a better place. Thus, I decided to undertake the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London which gave me a multi-educational background.

Project title: Can Automotive OEMs Transition to EVs at the Pace Required to Mitigate Climate Change?

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Uday Reddy

Uday ReddyI'm originally from India and did my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Birmingham. In this degree I started off with a focus on automotive and aerospace, but later shifted my focus to the energy sources that run these systems and the world in general. With a well-shaped scientific foundation built through my first degree I decided to take a year off from studying to work for the Cummins power generation department. I then decided to undertake this MSc to better understand the energy sector and climate issues. The course has enabled me to look at a problem from a broader perspective and bring into consideration economic and social factors, among others.

Project title: A business case for the UK Center for Carbon Removal (UKCCR) - A user centred design approach

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Maxime Rousseau

Maxime RousseauAfter the completion of a French Baccalaureate in Singapore, Maxime moved to Canada to complete a 4-year B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University, in parallel to which he spent 3 years working on a Formula Student project. Passionate from his energy classes, he decided to explore the energy industry by joining the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures course. He will pursue his career in energy consulting in London after graduation.

Project title: A spatiotemporal model of Reunion Island's energy system: meeting energy autonomy by 2030

Research theme: Energy Systems

Ignacio Salsas

Ignacio SalsasIgnacio Salsas graduated as an Aerospace Engineer from the University of Manchester. He pursued his career choice by working for NASA designing and building a Martian nanosatellite. However, his will to play a part in contributing to society took him to join the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures. There he learnt the importance of ESG as we prepare to confront fundamental problems in the world. As global awareness increases on rising energy consumption levels, resource depletion and environmental burdening, worldwide corporations and infrastructure will have to reinvent themselves to keep at the forefront. Playing a part in this transition is what inspires Ignacio's future.

Project title: Assessing the Impact of Photovoltaic Pumping Systems for Water Access in Developing Countries

Research theme: Solar Energy

Ioannis Skoupras Giannikis

Ioannis Skoupras GiannikisI was born and raised in Xanthi, a small town in Northern Greece. From a young age, I had a special affinity for science and technology. That is why I chose to study Electrical and Computer Engineering at Democritus University of Thrace. Throughout my studies, I developed a wide variety of technical skills, but I soon realized that I was specifically attracted by the energy sector. Thus, I got involved in various projects about Renewable Energy, Energy Economics and Power Electronics. My thesis concerned the development of a Regenerative Braking system for a DC motor. This expertise I gained, along with my top academic performance, was enough to secure me a place at Imperial College and SEF.

Project title: Recurrent Neural Networks for energy price forecasting in energy storage applications

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage

Pouya Taghavi

Pouya Taghavi Born and raised in Tehran, I moved to Canada over 10 years ago. Following the completion of a master's degree at McGill University I started working for a consulting firm specialised in the natural gas industry. After over 4 years’ experience, I came to understand that certain aspects of the gas industry, specifically the lack of acknowledgment regarding the dire impacts of the sector on the environment, are troubling to me. Hence, the 32-year-old me is back in school to facilitate a career shift that puts me in a place I belong. My interests cover the entire sustainable energy sector, with a particular inclination for energy economics, climate change policy and urban energy systems.

Project title: Assessing Techno-Economic and Environmental Feasibility of Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage

Research theme: Low carbon and Mitigation technologies

Christoforos Tazedakis

Christoforos TazedakisChristoforos completed his undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Crete, after which he attended compulsory military service in Greece for 9 months as a weather observer. He chose to join the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures driven by his interest in utilisation of renewable energy sources and the desire to pursue the development of sustainable energy technologies.

Project title: High-efficiency solar hybrid PV: thermal technology with spectral control

Research theme: Solar Energy

Bianca Valmarana

Bianca ValmaranaWhilst starting my career within the finance sector, I realised I had a strong interest in physics, chemistry and the overall understanding of the dynamics of the world. I decided to join the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures with the aim to fulfil my curiosity and to gain a holistic view of the energy business, whilst learning the tools to have a meaningful impact on our world. In addition to that, at Imperial I have met incredible engineers and scientists who have helped me throughout this challenge, and I have nurtured an ambition to assist in the transition to renewable energies and implement greenhouse gas removal for a low-carbon future.

Project title: The Potential Role of the Aerospace Sector in the Seeding and Development of a Greenhouse Gas Removal Market

Research theme: Markets, Policy and Consumer Behaviour

Loana Vega Castro

Loana Vega CastroAfter three years of working in Nicaragua's geothermal energy sector, Loana clearly understood the essential role of low carbon energy technologies to tackle global energy challenges such as climate change, energy access and energy security. With a fervent passion and commitment to contribute to these challenges, especially in the Latin American region, Loana decided to undertake the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures. She has found the course challenging but rewarding and is grateful for having met amazing people including classmates, university staff, alumni and guest speakers. Loana enjoys travelling and loves salsa dancing (not a surprise given her cultural background!).

Project title: Techno-economic assessment for the hybridisation of a single-flash geothermal power plant with concentrated solar power: a case study in Nicaragua

Research theme: Low carbon and Mitigation technologies

Anthony Wang

Anthony WangAfter graduating from The University of Edinburgh with a BEng in Civil Engineering, Anthony spent several months working as an independent consultant for an automotive manufacturer in Edinburgh. Wishing to gain a better understanding of global energy issues and specifically the intersection between energy and transport, he pursued an MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures. Anthony is a strong believer in the power of human networks and is currently serving as Vice Chair of Media at the Energy Institute's Young Professionals Network.

Project title: V2G Business Models: Evaluating the Impact of Smart Charging and V2G on Distribution Grids

Research theme: Low Carbon Cities and Transport

Alix Weil

Alix WeilPassionate about backpacking, I have had the chance to travel to several remote places, which motivated me to be involved in the preservation of the environment. Studying mechanical engineering focused further my interests into sustainable energies, which appear as a key vector to the development of all societies, while mitigating global warming. Eager to complete the technical skills I developed during my bachelor, I decided to pursue the MSc Sustainable Energy Future at Imperial College. My thesis gave me the chance to apply the diverse skills I've acquired in an exceptional context and has confirmed my will to develop a career in sustainable energy consulting.

Project title: Energy access for rural health clinics: Electrifying a clinic in Southwestern Kenya

Research theme: Energy for Developing Regions

Alexander Zuend

Alexander ZuendAlready during his Bachelor's, Alex was committed to finding technical solutions to adverse environmental effects. After completing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering at ETH Zurich, Alex worked for Swissnex Boston (Swiss Innovation Outpost) supporting Swiss start-ups expanding their businesses in the US. He joined the interdisciplinary MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College to further his interests in energy and sustainability. In September, Alex will join the Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris as an MBA Fellow.

Project title: Flexibility and Demand Side Response in London's Energy Market: A Stakeholder Analysis with KTAB

Research theme: Demand Side Response and Storage