Imperial Business Partners (IBP) connects industry to Imperial's four faculties and entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Within the IBP programme, specialised tracks are created to focus on specific challenges.

The climate innovation track

The IBP climate innovation track focuses on sustainability and cleantech innovation, in partnership with Undaunted.

Undaunted (formerly the Centre for Climate Change – CCCI) is a partnership between Imperial's Grantham Institute and The Royal Institution; a home for creative, proactive people exploring how innovation can help humans to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. We are committed to:

  • Tackling climate change
  • Implementing clean technology
  • Transforming the global economy 

In the face of climate change, we are Undaunted

Undaunted – and its climate accelerator programme, The Greenhouse – focus on cleantech innovation within academic science, industry, and business; we also work across broader critical contexts, such as policy and societal engagement.

We're building a global community, based in central London, of people with diverse knowledge and skills. From early-stage startups, angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity groups to academics, industry experts, policy makers and journalists: the climate is everyone's business, and we're excited by ideas that tackle the climate crisis in sustainable, viable, equitable and scalable ways.

As well as reflecting on the outcome of COP27 and what that might mean for the future direction of investment into climate tech innovations! James officially launched Undaunted (formally known as the Centre for Climate Change Innovation).

Launching Undaunted

Imperial’s Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI) has evolved into Undaunted. 

James Cameron, who works closely with the team as an advisor, officially launched the new name at The Greenhouse Demo Day in December 2022. Listen to his reflections on the creative thinking that went into the new branding.

Member benefits

This track delivers the following benefits, in addition to the IBP member benefits:

  • Undaunted expert workshops – curated introductory conversations in a webinar formator face to face workshops with a group of selected academics, twice a year, to address the member’s specific challenges
  • Regular e-meetings with Undaunted members group and academics
  • Alternative options for sponsorship and consultancy
  • First opportunity to propose competition judges and speaking slots as part of the relevant Undaunted activities