The Leonardo Centre explores and experiments with new ways of doing business in order to regenerate economies, communities and natural environments around the world.

The Centre’s mission is to explore and experiment with the transition to sustainable and inclusive logics of enterprise. This is aligned with the mission of Imperial College London: to develop a sustainable, smart, healthy and resilient society.

We aim to connect and integrate scientific knowledge from relevant disciplines in business, social, technological, natural and life sciences, and to use our unique position within Imperial’s network of expertise.

The Leonardo Centre is uniquely positioned to offer:

Leonardo da Vinci is the inspiration for the Centre, reflecting his profound influence on the technological, scientific, medical and cultural evolution of humanity. We consider his work a model for the emerging renaissance in business that is required to tackle the monumental challenges of environmental and social regeneration faced by the world today.

"The Leonardo Centre offers an innovative way to tackle the multiple complex issues related to the exploration and experimentation of more inclusive and sustainable forms of enterprise. The Leonardo Centre aims to contribute to the positive evolution of business as we currently know it."
Maurizio Zollo
Scientific Director, Leonardo Centre
Maurizio Zollo

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