Lecture points at board during quant conference


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Last Friday, the Centre for Financial Technology was delighted to co-host UBS' annual quant conference at Imperial College Business School. This year was the biggest yet with 9k people joining in person and online!


This was hosted as a collaboration with Imperial Business Partners (IBP), the College’s flagship programme for industry partners, of which UBS is a member.  For more information on IBP please have a look at the wesbite.

It was a perfect opportunity for our students to hear directly from practitioners at the cutting edge of #quantitativefinance on topics such as #correlation#skewmodelling#NLP bots, empowering the investment bank with #data#systematic trading strategies, #stochastic journeys around #volatility and jumps in #algotrading models and #quantitative inventory trading. 

A big thank you to all those who presented from UBS: Martha Maratheftis Matthieu Pinard Sanji Shivalingam Lawrence Booker Giulio Alfinito Yingbo Bai Luca Spadafora Andrea Bordoni Christina Atkins Rebecca Idell YUNQING ZHENG Sarah Scadding Lucy Trainer

Thanks to everyone at Imperial, particularly our Finance Dept Chair, Robert L. Kosowski who spoke on the panel and our amazing Careers team, Lisa Umenyiora and Anita Borkowska. Please find the recording below, the english part of the conference starts at 03:02:40.


Conference recording