Imperial is a Disability Confident Leader. You may recognise the logo from our job adverts. 

Disability Confident is a government scheme designed to encourage employers to recruit, retain, and develop disabled people. Imperial originally gained Two Ticks (previous scheme name) accreditation in April 2012, and Disability Confident broadens and deepens our existing commitment as an employer. 

As a Disability Confident Leader we commit to the below core activities:

  • Actively looking to attract and recruit disabled people
  • Providing a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process
  • Offering an interview to disabled people who meet the essential criteria for the job
  • Being flexible when assessing people so disabled job applicants have the best opportunity to demonstrate that they can do the job
  • Making reasonable adjustments as required
  • Encouraging our suppliers and partner firms to be Disability Confident
  • Ensuring employees have sufficient disability equality awareness
  • Promoting a culture of being Disability Confident
  • Supporting employees to manage their disabilities or health conditions
  • Ensuring there are no barriers to the development and progression of disabled staff
  • Ensuring managers are aware of how they can support staff who are sick or absent from work
  • Valuing and listening to feedback from disabled staff
  • Reviewing our Disability Confident self-assessment


The College is committed to continuing or initiating the work needed under the Leadership criteria of Disability Confident. This includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Ussing social media to promote and share good practice on Disability Confident
  • Networking with other universities
  • Being a mentor, coach, buddy or providing peer support to others
  • Engaging with other local employers to share good practice
  • Celebrating success, for example being nominated for or the winner of a recognised award
  • Being nominated for and/or winning local, regional and national awards for the employment of disabled people
  • Sponsoring or hosting Disability Confident inspired events

Disability confident video

A video from the Department for Work and Pensions explaining the importance of being Disability Confident