Meet our staff networks

Hear from our network co-chairs and committee members about network activities and initiatives and how you can get involved

The College wants to hear your thoughts on equality, diversity and inclusion. One way to do this is through our diversity networks who aim to represent different staff groups at Imperial. These diversity networks:

  • inform and help develop College policy and change procedures
  • raise awareness of issues and also the support available in College
  • organise events and development opportunities
  • act as safe spaces to discuss issues

Each diversity staff network has its own Diversity Executive Sponsor, who is a senior leader in College. These Sponsors commit to using their connections and knowledge to support the network in delivering great events, widening membership and inspiring staff across Imperial. Sponsors also work together to feed in the views of the networks to the Provost’s Board. Acting as a network champion and ally also gives senior leaders the chance to meet and learn more about diverse groups of staff and postgraduate students across the College.