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Training dates

All Active Bystander training takes place online via MS Teams.

8 November 2022, 14.00-15.30

30 November 2022, 10.00-11.30

6 December 2022, 13.30-15.00

15 December 2022, 14.00-15.30

7 February 2023, 13.30-15.00

21 February 2023, 14.00-15.30

15 March 2023, 14.00-15.30

23 March 2023, 11.00-12.30

4 April 2023, 13.30-15.00

16 May 2023, 14.00-15.30

24 May 2023, 14.00-15.30

13 June 2023, 14.00-15.30

5 July 2023, 14.00-15.30

12 July 2023, 14.00-15:30

Training overview 

The Active Bystander training programme aims to empower staff across our College community to challenge poor behaviours and bring about cultural change. Active Bystanders reinforce messages defining the boundaries of unacceptable behaviour.

If we constantly reinforce messages about behaviour that is unacceptable, this puts considerable pressure on people to re-think their behaviour. So any level of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour should not be ignored. Many individuals with problematic attitudes are likely to think their behaviour is normal if no one confronts it, and this can often be reinforced by cultural messages. Some might not care their behaviour causes harm to others, but some might not even realise.

Working collectively we can bring about change and create a safe and supportive community for all.

active bystander

Who Should Attend

This course is open to all staff members

Key Information

  • 90 min training course
  • Facilitated by an external trainer: The Active Bystander Training Company
  • No charge for Imperial staff
  • Platform - Ms Teams