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Training dates

All dates run 09.30-13.30

5 December 2022 (online)

12 January 2023 (face-to-face)

19 January 2023 (face-to-face)

2 Februray 2023 (face-to-face)

4 May 2023 (face-to-face)

7 June 2023 (online)


This is half day introductory course which will teach you to:

  • Identify the discrimination surrounding mental health problems
  • Define mental health & some mental health problems
  • Relate to people's experiences
  • Help support people with mental health problems
  • Begin developing a business case for promoting positive mental health in the workplace
  • Look after their own mental health

Who should attend

This course is open to all staff members who have line management or supervisory responsibilities who wish to gain a wider understanding of the issues surrounding mental health and how and why positive and negative mental health affects business. The course will enable you to work more effectively with people experiencing mental health problems.

Managers who wish to attend Leading with Mental Health in mind must first complete this course.

We offer 90-minute Mental health awareness briefings for all staff who wish to learn more about mental health.

Key information

  • Half day
  • Facilitated by internal trainers
  • No charge for Imperial Staff
  • For sessions that take place online, training materials will be sent to your home address prior to the course date. You must sign up to the training at least three weeks in advance to allow time for the materials to be delivered.

Further information

The College also offers the Mental Health First Aid accreditation course, which qualifies you as a MHFAider.

MHFA Half Day FAWs

What is the difference between the Mental Health First Aid accreditation course and the Half Day course?

Accreditation course

The accreditation course teaches the techniques to provide help to someone experiencing a mental health problem before professional help is obtained. It is an in-depth course and provides delegates with the skills required to be MHFAiders. It is accredited by Mental Health First Aid England. 

The course is for those who agree to take on the responsibility of providing help and assistance, as well as promoting mental health and wellbeing in your local area. You will be added to the list of College MHFAiders. 

Half Day course

The Half Day course is an introduction to mental health for managers and those with supervisory responsibilities.

The half-day course is not an in-depth training course.

Half Day FAQS

Do I need prior knowledge of mental health to attend the half-day course? 

No, prior knowledge is not required. An interest in mental health and wellbeing is strongly advisable.

I am unable to book on the course, what should I do?

The course can be very popular and is often in high demand. If there are no spaces available the EDI Centre can add you to a waiting list.

I have an existing mental health condition, can I still attend?

You are welcome to apply, but please be mindful that the course can be emotionally demanding and can evoke a strong feeling, especially for delegates who are currently experiencing or supporting mental-ill health. It may be worth emailing the EDI Centre with your details so we can discuss what is the best option for you.

A number of my department colleagues want to apply for the same course, are we able to?

A maximum of 10 people from any given area in the College or department can attend a course. If you have more people interested, please email the EDI Centre to discuss your department's training needs.

What if I know people on my course and don’t feel I can fully participate?

We will send a delegate list one week prior to the start date of the course. You will have an opportunity to see a list of names and decide if you would like to go ahead or be moved onto another course.

Do I have to supply my own materials?

You will need to bring a pen and a notepad. A course manual and welcome refreshments are provided. Lunch is not provided.

Netiquette for online training

  • To create a safe space for sharing and discussion it is important for delegates to be fully present and an active participant. For some of our training sessions, you will be required to keep your video cameras on. Please ensure that prior to attending the workshop you have a fully functioning camera and microphone. If you are having issues with your equipment, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Please ensure that you are in a private space where you can maintain confidentiality and the privacy of delegates.
  • To maintain confidentiality delegates will be asked to agree to keep what is said in the group, within the group, and not record or take screenshots/photos without permission. In addition to not post pictures or quotes from the session on social media or elsewhere without express permission of those involved.