Access ramp

Imperial College is working hard to improve access and facilities for all disabled persons, students, staff and visitors.

Accessible route map for South Kensington Campus [PDF, 243KB]

How can we improve our AccessAble service?

Please contact David Traske with your comments and suggestions.

We welcome the talents and commitment of disabled students and staff, and value the expertise and skills that all members of Imperial College London bring.

In keeping with our Disability Equality Scheme the College aims to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people.

Access guides

AccessAble (previously 'DisabledGo') is a national organisation which provides free online access guides to over 80,000 venues across the UK and Ireland.  Access Able logo - your accessibility guide

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with AccessAble we intend to provide up to date, highly detailed information for all our campuses specifically to help disabled people.

Initially this information has been compiled for 64 venues at South Kensington, Hammersmith and Silwood Park campuses.  Buildings are due to be resurveyed in March 2019 and the survey extended to take in additional building.

St Mary's Medical School Access Handbook v2 (pdf)  and Charing Cross Access handbook (pdf) provide comprehensive site specific access information, with other sites to follow in due course.

DeafWatch transmitters

In response to the needs of Imperial College’s students and staff, we have installed DeafWatch transmitters across twenty nine buildings at our campuses.

The DeafWatch system works across multiple buildings, providing seamless but discreet day and night time fire alarm warnings for staff and students with a hearing impairment. Pagers are available via the College Fire Office and the College's Disability Advisory Service.