The College has designated resting and nursing rooms across different campuses, listed below, available to parents and those who are pregnant who need a space to rest as well as to those who need to express milk or nurse their baby. The rooms are available for both staff and students.

If there are any issues or comments regarding these facilities, please contact the appropriate member of the Building Management team.

nursing rooms

South Kensington campus

Nursing Room 210 - Sherfield Walkway


  • A microwave, fridge, kettle , cups , a range of teas
  • A reclining/gliding chair with a foot stool
  • A wash basin, mirror, clock
  • A radio
  • A range of parenting books which can be loaned using the library loan out book

User responsibilities:

  • In order to gain access the member of staff should go to the Faculty building reception where there will be a signing in/out book and a swipe card. The room can be pre-booked through Faculty reception on 020 7859 5111 ext. 56677 or Faculty Reception. Availability of the room can be checked by viewing the Nursing Room calendar in Outlook.  To open the calendar follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to the calendar view in Outlook
  2. Click on "Open Calendar" - from Address Book
  3. Type in Nursing Room and click the "Calendar" button, then click "OK".
  4. The calendar should appear next to your main calendar
  • All recurring bookings and pre-booked slots can only take place in the current calendar month. This is due to receiving feedback from other staff who experienced difficulties booking into the nursing room. Bookings for the next calendar month can be made via the Faculty Reception team once the 1st of the month arrives.
  • In the meantime, we would request that you inform the Faculty reception as soon as you are aware of any bookings that you need to cancel so that they can be utilised by another member of staff.
  • For students wanting to gain access, please contact Faculty recetion on 020 7859 5111 ext. 56677 or Faculty Reception.
  • Should access be required out of reception hours this can be arranged through Faculty reception.
  • The expectation is that bookings will not be for any longer than one hour.
  • If the swipe card is not returned after an hour a member of reception staff will check on the member of staff for health and safety reasons.
  • The member of staff is requested to leave the room clean and ready for the next person to use.
  • If supplies are low or there are maintenance issues the member of staff should alert Faculty reception staff who will notify the Building Manager.
  • Alternative contact: Parents Network

Should this designated room be unavailable, the Occupational Health (OH) Service can provide a suitable room, but cannot guarantee access every day of the week. For further information contact the OH clinic on 020 7594 9401 Ext 49401 or Occupational Health.

Nursing rooms

Silwood Park


Reclining chair, footstool and kitchenette








Population Biology, ground floor, room 1.11        

Facilities include:

  • Sink unit with cupboards
  • A fridge, microwave, kettle, cups, bowls & plates
  • Tea/coffee/sugar provided
  • A reclining/gliding chair with foot stool
  • 2 reception chairs with coffee table
  • Mirror/coatrack


  • Requires a key – staff and students who need access should contact Security.

Baby changing facility:

  • This is located in the accessible toilet on the ground floor of the Hamilton Building.

Hammersmith campus

The resting and expressing room at the Hammersmith campus can be found in the Commonwealth Building, Room BS15.  The key is kept in a key safe outside the door to the room, get the current access code from Hammersmith Security.  The contact details for the Building Managers can be found here.




St Marys Medical School

St Mary's Medical School

There is a nursing room located in Room B4, Basement.

This facility has:
- sink
- fridge
- microwave and
- nursing chair.

Register to use the room by emailing Building Managers. Follow link below to find contact details for your Building Managers:

Please follow the procedure which will be provided by your Building Manager after registration.

Charing Cross campus

There is a nursing room located in room 153A, 1st Floor, Reynolds Building.

This facility has:
- sink
- fridge
- microwave and
- nursing chair.

If you would like to use this room please contact your Building Managers. Follow link below to find contact details for your Building Managers:  Please provide your College ID card to them and they will arrange with Security for the card to provide access to this room.

White City Campus

White City Campus

The 'Women’s Suite' is available here at Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) in G26, ground floor has a combined nursing, female prayer and first aid room.

  • The room has a reclining nursing chair and footstool, a steriliser, table and a privacy screen,
  • If you would like to use the nursing facility you will need to email Ingrid Kedissa (EA to Head of Chemistry). to book and then obtain the key from MSRH reception on arrival.